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Zhejiang saves governor Lv Zushan to arrive at numerous peaceful car to research
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Lv Zushan of vice secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, governor arrives at numerous peaceful to accuse a group to inspect survey. Dimension of peaceful of road of Shang Li of chief of province concerned branch, Li Xuezhong, Chen Ansheng, Li Zhihai, Jiang, Luo Shilin, Zhang Yanhua, jin Zhongliang of Chen Kunzhong of mayor of golden China city, deputy mayor, and always Lu Yuedong of mayor of vice secretary of Xu Jianhua of secretary of health city municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee accompany.

Accompany in what the person waits in Wujian of president of numerous peaceful group below, lv governor group looked round numerous peaceful 2008, numerous peaceful 5008, the several reserve model that Dibolang and Cong Feiya introduce the dream especially. Ever since, lv governor group visits the manufacturing workshop of numerous peaceful car, visited outfit of punch of numerous peaceful car, solder, besmear outfit, general assembly in detail product line of 4 old technology. Lv saves those who grow to listen to a staff member at the same time to explain, often stop at the same time the technical equipment circumstance that enquires product line, the modern product line with numerous peaceful advanced car and normative and scientific production manage, the height that got Lv Sheng grows group to lead is evaluated.

The numerous peaceful that is in to be about to get offline 5008 before, lv governor is full of interest ground to open door to observe car interior structure and adornment meticulously, sit into the car to experience numerous peaceful personally 5008. Delicate interior trim and take a space cozily to make Lv Sheng long be not praised by the model click of the tongue that appears on the market newly to this.

Subsequently a person's mind of all of Lv governor group listened to numerous peaceful to accuse the job of a group president Wu Jianzhong to report. Province city led the result that obtains at present to numerous peaceful car to make sufficient affirmation. Be aimed at numerous peaceful car the development direction henceforth, lv governor points out, numerous peaceful car should continue to keep hardheaded, the product of dissimilation and service are extended and consolidate in order to differ the market, walk out of the road of a development that has distinguishing feature alone; And do not spell dimensions with big company, ambitious attune efficiency is solid had made the product make choice; Want those who enhance a person with ability to introduce at the same time with education, especially research and development and sale talented person, take own innovation seriously, promote a business fight risk ability, come true but durative development.