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Double-loop of appearance ask forring and synthesis of couplet of Chinese Academ
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To promote the development of annulus of Chinese high-powered piston, the application of technology of stimulative surface project, advanced and lubricant technology and new material technology in high-end piston annulus, recently, by chemistry of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences physical institute and appearance collect double-loop piston ring limited company held water jointly " center of research and development of combination of high-powered piston annulus " . Xue Qun of chairman of committee of learning of institute of physics of chemistry of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences base academician holds the position of adviser of science of center of research and development.

"Center of associated research and development " with new generation coating of surface of high-powered piston annulus / cylinder bushing of film research and development, engine, imitate of piston annulus tribology and stage wear key of evaluation, other engine component development and development are main research direction and content. Lubricant state key laboratory comes to solid of institute of physics of chemistry of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences be engaged in engine key component all the time for years high-powered besmear / the research of film and development, in piston annulus technical respect has new generation finishing to be accumulated very well. Annulus of piston of double-loop of appearance ask forring limited company is China the biggest piston annulus major produces a business, since 1987 quantity of produce and sale carries off the whole nation travels together 19 years continuously the first, the car uses annulus of diesel engine piston home market is had rate amount to 70% , the company has the unique car in course of study of domestic piston round to use room of engine bench test. Center of research and development will make full use of the newest positive result that application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences studies and enterprise are in in the resource that tries the respect such as enlarge and industrial production, accelerate gain change.

Piston annulus is the crucial component of engine, also be one of attrition spare partses with the most slashing operating mode in engine. The function of piston annulus affects the power of internal-combustion engine, oily bad news and life directly, the wear-resisting that raises piston annulus and lubricity are the main task of piston annulus manufacturing industry from beginning to end. However, the piston annulus surface of newest development is high-powered coating core technology basically be waited for by Germany, Japan place of the world's great piston link firm masters. Of technology of surface of piston annulus core be short of break, caused level of annulus of our country high-powered piston and international advanced level still is put in certain difference. "Center of associated research and development " will devote oneself to to develop own innovation, have advanced and own intellectual property, practical piston link finishing new technology, high speed of contented automobile industry expands the pressing demand of pair of high-powered piston annulus.
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