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Group of American industry valve rolls out information of trade of _ of ball val
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The operation movement of course of study of current coking plant is right segregation a powerful person (cut off a powerful person) raised strict requirement, the requirement isolates a powerful person (cut off a powerful person) have close together switch and can make sure its use old dependability normally. To achieve this one requirement, the abstraction company on the world in succession idea of tradition of slam the door, because of leak trouble again and again contain the ball valve with core of wedge a powerful person and moire canal sealed type, turn and use AIVG firm (group of American industry valve) the integral valve base in critical isolating device ball valve. 1. Design:

Come to what AIVG devotes oneself to to produce exacting use condition to fall all the time 20 years do not have leak metal ball valve. This technology is a foundation with design of integral valve base, sealing contact surface immediate treatment arrives on body of a powerful person, use chromic coating of the carbonization on the RAM program package with peculiar AIVG next. This shunned a convention the leak issue all round valve base is set inside valve, and prevented the likelihood that solid disturbs. In addition, sphere connects by the bedspring of Er of dimension of Er of shellfish of high load capacity that avoids maintenance and valve base be interlinked.

2. Other design characteristic:

Need not lubricate

 sealing contact surface is carbonization chromic coating (VI of more cobaltic than tungsten chromium alloy or aureate appearance are 10 times better)

The spring of Bei Erwei Er that  uses chromic ferronickel alloy to valve base bear replaces undee tube

 keeps clear of in the market steam uses up lowest

 is the smallest pressure fall the allpass classics of the design

 sheet is in charge of angry standard cleanness

The eject that  can detect in the light of lower part can use the filling of lever of a powerful person of spot to load

 is two-way and sealed design

3. Representative application

 rotary valve is kept apart

Ministry of  beat gas cap volatilizes line

 beat blowdown

 bypass cop

 heater is kept apart

Device of  agile cooking enters makings T

 draws a line