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Contemporary will introduce mixture motivation information of trade of _ of expo
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Plan of contemporary Motor Corporation will be in Korea next year second half of the year with Avante of a new-style and small-sized car, march market of mixture motivation car, will introduce the medium-sized car of mixture engine version 2010 next.

On September 8, contemporary Motor Corporation is in headquarters announces an Er, contemporary car plans to be able to produce per year car of 500 thousand mixture motivation 2018, this plan includes the oily electricity that will sell in North America and Chinese market to mix motor vehicle.

Predict 2010, contemporary car and it rises subordinately inferior 30 thousand when enough production of car aux will be able to includes Avante inside mixture motor vehicle. These cars will be major in Korea mainland the market is sold.

2011, the plan of production of mixture motor vehicle of contemporary Motor Corporation will expand car of tower of accept of contemporary all alone and case inferior in the brand to it corresponding Lotze car. The partner that alls alone accept tower car passes contemporary car in Chinese market -- company of group of Beijing auto industry has production and sale, by its in the United States Arizona city cheats factory of benefit of elder brother horse to undertake constructional selling. Lotze car plan will be in a when be located in city of confect of American Zun Zhiya city to rise inferior the car assembles a factory to have production, this factory plans will 2009 start working of second half of the year.

The engine of Avante car will use liquefied petroleum gas and a small-sized electric machinery, this small-sized electric machinery will be in engine idle fast and embrace a car below condition to go to stop stop action of the play below condition. The competitor of this car will be Feng Tian Prius of mixture motor vehicle and a when this cropland will release in next year spring new-style sedan.

Regard an introduction as the small-sized car of class, contemporary elegant gentry is special (Accent) is to pass Beijing contemporary sell in Chinese market, avante also will add this column with elegant special gentry. The competition with elegant special gentry is companionate, case inferior a horse that covers a thousand li a day (Kia Rio) , be by east wind of contemporary another China partner - Yue is amounted to - case inferior produce a sale in China, in the meantime, case inferior a horse that covers a thousand li a day also is sold in the United States.

Korea car Manufacturers Association says, the sale of small-sized car is jumping in fast in Korea long, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, sell in the car overall drop below the circumstance of 19% , miniature car sale grew 38% .

In the meantime, contemporary Motor Corporation announces, this company will be produced 2012 1, car of 000 fuel cell, and arrive 2018, produce can raise 30 thousand.
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