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Day produces Motor Corporation to be about to buy Kelaisile information of trade
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A few days ago, the message shows, day produces Motor Corporation to buying Kelaisileyao in quote the share of 20% , the law day car that prepares to bring into the American car business of this get into trouble oneself and French Reynolds car to already was comprised at the same time is allied.

The message says, the quoted price that day produces already handed over illicit collect equity to invest a company -- Cerberus capital management. At present Cerberus has Kelaisile the share of 80% . There ever was a message to show before this general also undertaking negotiating with Kelaisile.

As we have learned, general motors already was in lead position in the negotiation that buys Kelaisile. Current and general searching new lifeline, in order to enrich oneself emptier and emptier finance safe. Cerberus ever pointed out, up to by this year June, kelaisile hold the cash of 11.7 billion dollar. News source says, the Carlos that holds Reynolds and day part-time to produce presiding apparitor - Ge En already gave out a quote several days ago.

2006, day is produced and Reynolds ever had studied with general 3 amalgamative plan. Ge En thinks all the time, build to include North America firm inside cross continent the day that alliance will make have is produced - Reynolds is affined benefit. In addition, day is produced negotiate with Kelaisile for many times in going one year, both sides has acting labor agreement.