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Shenyang machine tool head show annual to have a deficit beforehand industry col
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Recently, shenyang machine tool (4.6, - 0.11, - 2.34% , ) (000410, the 3 quarterly reports that SZ) releases and annual have a deficit beforehand announcement anticipates its pessimism show undoubted. In September 35.48 million yuan circumstance leaves Shang Ying profit, shenyang machine tool predicts to will appear to spent deficit second year 2008.

Delegate of general affairs of negotiable securities of Shenyang machine tool is shown " client of river short for Zhejiang Province closes down one after another, together with economy puts the demand systole that delay brings about, the sale of Shenyang machine tool has appeared bigger glide " .

Shenyang machine tool advocate production of machine tool of battalion metal cutting and sale, regard bibcock of industry of domestic machine tool as the enterprise, year loss never appears before this. Now year since second half of the year, sales volume of market of machine tool product especially car kind sale status of machine tool product appears relatively glide substantially, among them demand of client of river short for Zhejiang Province glides apparent, "Had mirrorred a macroscopical economy to adjust the influence to integral industry boom. "Had mirrorred a macroscopical economy to adjust the influence to integral industry boom..

3 quarterly reports show, 7~9 wane caustic 11.21 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 152.29% . Shenyang machine tool says, the four seasons spends odd season loss or will be in 36 million yuan over.

The first poineering machine tool makes industry analyst Guo Jiang think, demand of trade of domestic machine tool has presented trend of apparent become divided at present, small business closes down cause demand of general accuracy machine tool to glide considerably, and large car creates a company to in demand of high-end machine tool is more clear, "Transition of sex of structure of product of Shenyang machine tool is half-baked all the time, it is the one big reason that its must face dilemma at present. It is the one big reason that its must face dilemma at present..

General accuracy machine tool faces more concentrated industry competition not only, the effect that suffers steely industry value to adjust also especially apparent. Steely raw material often occupies the 50% above of cost of general accuracy machine tool, and steely price 2008 first half of the year go up considerably the gross profit level that tone affected Shenyang machine tool greatly undoubtedly.

Negotiable securities of Shenyang machine tool expresses on behalf of Li Xiaogang, car kind sale of machine tool market is small fan, raw material and manpower cost rise reach company structure sex to recombine waiting for an element is main deficit reason. At present sale of product of machine tool of the high end in Shenyang machine tool is in 1 billion yuan or so only, can replace product of entrance machine tool partly only, "The high end in transition and product of bed of large scale computer are strategic direction, but specific plan still needs to be decided according to oneself ability and market demand, accomplish in one move very hard. Accomplish in one move very hard..
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