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Center of research and development of China of Er of Huo Ni Wei begins in Shangh
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One of 500 strong companies of world the building of brand-new and comprehensive test that international of Er of Huo Ni Wei invests 13.5 million dollar to make is in the China of Er of Huo Ni Wei of Shanghai Pudong 22 days center of research and development begins, so far, this seat becomes one of centers of research and development with the largest scale of whole world of Er of Huo Ni Wei at the center of research and development of Pudong Zhang Jiang.

In original on the foundation of 16 independent laboratories add 14 independent laboratories newly- - the completion of this new building makes Huoniweier 4 times expand into of area of lab of center of technology of data group Asia-Pacific is original more special. According to introducing, this technology center already developed the research project of domains of a series of energy-saving, environmental protection, include the research that with Yu Guangfu solar battery new profile expects, the high temperature that uses natural the sources of energy and loop effectively to use useless heat heats up pump labour to study character, new generation is flexible indication material considers to wait.

This year some earlier moment, one uses Yuhuoniweier the invests 500 much RMBs energy-saving project of lab of supercharger of Zhang Jiang turbine already also was started, the system reduces whole garden area of 48% warm n uses up an air conditioning system, year reduce greenhouse gas to discharge 1147 tons, cost of every 10 years saves the forehead to be as high as a RMB 9 million.

International of Er of Huo Ni Wei is the diversity that a turnover amounts to 38 billion dollar, high-tech advanced production company, company stock appears on the market in stock exchange of new York, London, Chicago trade. Headquarters of company Asia-Pacific division is located in Shanghai, in China investment amount already amounted to 600 million dollar, employee exceeds 9000 people.