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This cropland flies to form a complete set of Han peaceful tire newly degree, da
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The day department car of form a complete set of Han peaceful tire is familial add fresh blood again -- this Tian Xinfei is spent and day produces fancy fine horse. Tire of peaceful of Han of the beginning of the year is afterwards successfully this year after day produces Xiao guest form a complete set, new model of car of days of 8 years departments is ceaseless will " big-leaf hydrangea " cast function the Han Tai tire of exceedingly good, energy-saving environmental protection. This also makes Han peaceful tire fastens car form a complete set in day obtain on the market break through successively.

It is reported, formal already a few days ago Xiang Xinfei spends Han peaceful tire for goods, exclusive form a complete set of Optimo K715 of the environmental protection that applies latest technology to develop development tire flies newly degree, quantity of form a complete set is 25 thousand every months about. Will rise in October, han Tai another luxurious SUV are high-powered tire Dynapro HP(RA23) produces fancy fine horse to escort the Emperor for day convoy, predict year of form a complete set to measure more than about 40 thousand.

From before Latin of handkerchief of partial form a complete set, to cooperative Xiao guest, fly newly to exclusive form a complete set again degree, pull hand novelty fine horse, the rate that Han peaceful tire blends in cavalcade of day of the form a complete set that fasten a car is rapidder and rapidder. Depend on the indefatigable pursuit of pair of banner technologies and top-ranking character, han peaceful tire shows itself in numerous competitor, the day that wins high to character demand fastens a car to produce business to be approbated consistently. "Cooperative success is not accomplish in one move, more and more day fasten tire of peaceful of Han of car form a complete set, it is Han peaceful tire the result of old and indefatigable effort. " 2 Jindonghe's minister represents form a complete set of headquarters of China of Han peaceful tire, the strict requirement that lights the different respect such as sex of oily, remarkable power to economy to satisfy a client, han peaceful tire is contacted actively with the client, development understands client requirement and seasonable feedback comes branch of research and development, check through relapsing and improve, pass examine and verify successfully, final implementation offers money.

Current, it is under pressure of high oil price, the energy-saving performance that decrease a platoon is outstanding, security, hold charging the day with the excelsior respect such as the gender is a car equipment is welcome. Concerned statistic shows, advanced car market will be discharged in China this year in July second in, day fastens car forestall before 3 armour. According to market demand and development trend, han peaceful tire passes ceaseless technical innovation, developing day is car demand, environmental protection the tire with safety of energy-saving, economy, superior quality is new product, and the favour that ground of in quick succession gained day fastens car manufacturer and accredit. According to introducing, the client that comes from this cropland, day to produce ever was opposite factory of China of Han peaceful tire undertakes on-the-spot examine and verify, system of actual strength of their scale of production to Han peaceful tire, technology, quality management, market has all many sided such as rate, offerred affirmation, promote bilateral cooperation effectively.
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