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Xin Baolai appears on the market claim " good steel should be used on edge " _ t
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Time passes and the situation has changed, after-thought at the outset of all-powerful " the car of the person that drive " , the change that new nowadays treasure comes to, let a lot of people feel questioningly. Go close civilian the course, Xin Baolai that plays economic card greatly, was good steel used on edge really?

Xin Baolai appears on the market formally in Beijing, mutual 1.6L and 2.0L discharge an amount two kinds 7 models, price one hundred and seven thousand eight hundred ~14.38 10 thousand yuan.

As Germany compact model the delegate of the car, since treasure will land China from 2001, accumulative total sales volume already exceeded 370 thousand. Introduce according to one steam masses, the Xin Baolai that appears on the market this is the brand asset that is based on treasure to abound and development, its are in withheld " the car of the person that drive " independent enterprising, character is preferential wait for product connotation while, blended in the design concept that more human nature changes again, become to pay attention to character to drive already accuse, go after again balanced and practical and comfortable enjoyment life is oriented model car.

From emphasize at first motivation and hold accuse " the car of the person that drive " , to 2006 change a money simply, the treasure that goes to cut away rear again comes HS, one steam people comes in the light of treasure the model was done a series of change. The new treasure that appears on the market this comes, although still was withheld " the car of the person that drive " renown date, have some of be unworthy of the name or the title however.

What new treasure comes is long wide it is high respectively 4540 millimeter, 1775 millimeter and 1467 millimeter, the wheelbase of 2610 millimeter makes its interior space enough and ample. Come with original treasure product photograph is compared, as a result of wheelbase lengthen 97 millimeter, and be used completely at improving back row space, had on comfortable sex rise apparently. Dan Xinbao will in dynamical system go up and be broken through without implementation, still carry 1.6L and 2.0L engine. The explanation that one steam masses gives out is: Technical maturity is stable, upkeep cost is low the largest dominant position that is these two engine, and this is the essential condition that the family uses a car. Gear-box respect, xin Baolai was used with stride vacate, fast vacate identical 6 fast Tiptronic hand from gear-box of an organic whole, with the day that is the same as level department, Han fastens competitor photograph to compare, slightly better of content of science and technology.

The part waits in the engine of high cost, batholith, suspension, new treasure comes and change without what undertake materiality, however will practical as jumping-off place, "Good steel is used on edge " , get on finite cost with better in market effect configuration: Muti_function sound of image of indication number appearance, integrated DVD is broadcasted and seat of formative of field of the speech navigation system of blue tooth function, basketball, decide fast cruise system, mark to match in front of safety belt of butterfly form gasbag, driver was not full measure of deputy driver's seat call the police setting, pedestrian protects a function, , a series of concerning security holds a practical configuration concurrently to appear in Xin Baolai to go up personally one by one again.
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