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Become cold as Euramerican car market, abroad tycoon increases Chinese market to contend for battle in succession. 23 days, china of Bo Gehua accept announces tycoon of American car component: Center of research and development of China of Bo Gehua accept (CTC) lays a foundation formally, settle learns garden area at division of Shanghai black bamboo. This also is afterwards after world of group of Deerfu, mainland, Wei is connected, new join in the car component tycoon that establishs center of research and development in Shanghai.

Center of research and development covers an area of 43 thousand square metre, investment amount 120 million dollar, predict to build by 2009, at the appointed time 200 engineers will be entered halt; 2012, personnel of 400 research and development will be entered halt. Initial stage of center of this research and development basically is aimed at Chinese market development, maturity hind will support professional work of global research and development.

Compare with photograph of center of research and development of Japan, Europe, the center of research and development of Shanghai will become the center of research and development with the largest whole world of Bo Gehua accept. Most the likelihood of preexistence China put into production is newest double separation and reunion automatic gear-box.

Bogehuana is the car motivation with accepted whole world and business of transmission technology chief. Sales revenue was 5.9 billion dollar 2007.