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Day stands to mix commercial vehicle of Eton of United States of form a complete
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Day establishs the place that make and day to establish car the sources of energy (HitachiVehicleEnergy) received American Eton (the order of Eaton) , the motor that includes to be used at commercial vehicle to mix dynamical drive system among them, inverter and lithium ion charge batteries. Deliver the goods before 2011, the commercial vehicle that provides this mixture power system is booked by truckload the manufacturer puts in North America, Europe and Asian market.

According to the investigation that day establishs, the whole world that includes commercial vehicle inside mixes dimensions of motor vehicle market to will go to 1.5 million of 2010 year from 690 thousand growth of 07 year. Although because travel road is mixed,the commercial vehicle that provides Eton to mix dynamical system is met operate state and have a bit different, but basically can cut down 30% ~ the fuel cost of 60% .

The development in the system of commercial vehicle transmission that includes gear-box, clutch and system of mixture motivation drive, production and sale domain, eton owns very large market share in the whole world. Since 5 years Eton begins to supply what use day to establish part of use mixture motor vehicle partly to mix dynamical drive system to commercial vehicle manufacturer, already applied at sending van, medium-sized Pi Ka in North America and China, deserve to send business to use a truck, and circuit bus