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"3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces " 4 billion yuan of Changchun constru
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Cong Fengtian car (China) investment limited company learns, cropland of one steam abundant is in Sichuan Changchun new plant builds a project already at formal yesterday break earth. New plant is by one steam group and Feng Tian the car is collective and contributive built Sichuan project of extend of cropland of one steam abundant, plan total investment to be 4 billion yuan at present, set of Luo La car of card of COROLLA of cropland of main production abundant is truckload product.

According to the plan of cropland of one steam abundant, project of Changchun new plant builds cycle to be two years, in October 2010 complete. Factory dimensions is a program, invest in installment, start with 100 thousand, achieve produce per year 200 thousand to produce can. Cropland of abundant of before this one steam built plant of 5 complete lathe work in Chengdu, Changchun, Tianjin respectively.

Meanwhile, the Hua Lixin factory with subordinate Inc. of car of one steam Xiali also is in Tianjin Tianjin start working, total investment is 1.598 billion yuan, predict to will build in September 2010.

Industry analysis, car of cropland of one steam abundant opens up with gigantic endowment force is sent in Changchun, produce the car such as Kaluola, in Chengdu production Kesida, general pulls the model such as much more cross-country car, tianjin produces the car such as annals of imperial crown, acute, at the appointed time base of 3 big production will be formed " 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces " situation of division of labor.