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Partner of southeast car tripartite or increase endowment spread large-scale acc
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Sell in recent years not the southeast car of beautiful plans to pass add endowment for the company " enrich the blood " . Yesterday, president of Fujian automobile group holds Ling Yuzhang of southeast car president concurrently to divulge, the partner of tripartite of China and foreign countries of southeast car will invest augment company financial capacity through increasing, accelerate new model in order to enlarge construction dimensions to develop. This hopeful brings dawn to the southeast car in be in predicament.

It is reported, before this year 9 months, southeast car sells of all kinds car in all 30 thousand or so, under last year the level of the corresponding period, the sale glides industry of speed prep above is average level. Ling Yuzhang expresses, at present tripartite partner takes the predicament that southeast car encounters seriously highly, the hope can be stabilized through capital investment intercurrent exhibit this one joint ventures. Before this, tripartite partner expedited personnel to form group of a negotiation respectively, undertook the first round adding endowment negotiation, the near future still will undertake the 2nd round negotiating, predict hopeful will be finished in November, add endowment amount and schedule reach consensus. Ling Yuzhang discloses, southeast car is making " promote a plan 3 years " , future will continue reduce purchase cost, aggrandizement agency ability, increase model of 3 water chestnut recommend the research and development with own model.

Of southeast car add endowment with its the near future will undertake channel construction is concerned. Luo Derun of southeast car vise general manager discloses, at present southeast car is southeast brand and schism of brand of 3 water chestnut ministry of two big sales, consider building network of two brands dealer, already took the lead in be being prepared in 2 class city. Besides establishing a network, the research and development of own brand model of southeast car also is undertaking in, need a large number of capital.

Southeast car is China and foreign countries joint-stock car company, blessing steam group is occupied 50% , china car adds car of on 3 water chestnut to occupy 50% .