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De Yang one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two
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Grail of the industry after calamity carries archives to upgrade, each favourable policy accumulate contain tremendous business chance, on Xibohui --

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"What heart in relief reshipment produces the content of big, technology of base dimensions is tall, beyond our expect. " yesterday (26 days of) , 2008(China) international of development of great technology equipment negotiates about a hundred representing of meeting investigation group comes to De Yang, look around on the spot inspected plain oil grand China, 2 heavy, east steam and east the reshipment such as report produces a business.

Every reach one point, "Heart in relief industry " glamour conquered each delegates.

On October 26, xibohui's prelude takes the lead in playing ictus in this world of heart of industrial town of military importance. In by a definite date two days " 2008(China) international of development of great technology equipment negotiates meeting " on, delegates of large quantities of one enterprise of domestic and international famous reshipment saw plain oil early or late grand China, China 2 heavy, east steam, east the enterprise such as report.

The industrial grail that place of heart in relief industry forms was brought up not only " De Yang is made " tremendous brand effect, each favourable policy that rebuilds after calamity more accumulate containing tremendous business chance. On current Xibohui, predicting De Yang arranges the autograph 81 projects, investment amount amounts to 18 billion yuan.

Catch a project to catch big project greatly: Do all one can rebuilds to advance after calamity " two are accelerated "

"5 · 12 " although calamity of especially big earthquake makes De Yang is sufferred inflict heavy losses on, but the fundamental situation that society of open without change heart economy develops. According to provincial Party committee " two are accelerated " requirement, heart open municipal Party committee establish of 6 4 plenary meeting " restore 3 years in the round, 5 years promotion spans, 8 years of comprehensive well-off " struggling target. With the project rebuilding after calamity construction is core, market opportunity rebuilds after catching policy good luck, speak or sing alternately to assist good luck, calamity, by catch the project, requirement that catchs big project greatly, exert oneself has caught project of a batch of great industrialization.

Since October, the project rebuilds to be in after already having 100 many calamity De Yang in succession start working, total investment amounts to many yuan 360, the investment upsurge that restores to rebuild after heart in relief calamity already shifted to an earlier date warm up. At the same time whole town already decided include urban and rural housing, public service, industry to rebuild wait for 9 respects the project rebuilds after 14 thousand many calamity, total investment amounts to many yuan 3800.
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