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Hair change appoint forecast: The four seasons spends new car price to go low st
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On October 17, national hair changes appoint the price center that monitor issued a report, in home the cost that use a car rises, demand goes weak and seasonal depreciate below element influence, value of market of four quarters car will go low steadily this year.

The report points out, accumulative total of value of market of car of whole nation of before 3 quarters is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 2.09% , the month all drops 0.23 percent, different model price rises drop each different. Be in currently produce can add fast be more than demand to add fast below buyer's market pattern, depreciating still is to draw the dominant power that uses demand growth. From the market moving rule looks, price fall trend is relatively clear. Predicting the four seasons spends car price to be able to be given priority to in order to fall, annual falls will be in 3% less than.

And from now the expression of car city, we had heard depreciating voice clearly. Enter in October, each firm agency also has begun sprint to seize the opportunity of the last quarter. "11 " the Beijing car city of the golden week brought small climax, also invite each agency more the market inside time of large half an year is small before expectation the purchasing power that confuses accumulation, begin to get releasing from October. Chinese market has been in the night before last of price war, after Xin Kai appears on the market more, do not depreciate namely to a week 5000 yuan, after 09 Fox appear on the market, depreciate instantly 8000 yuan, 09 Kaimeirui appear on the market to fall namely 5000 yuan, yilante changes paragraph model Yue to move appeared on the market to also fall before long 8000 yuan. From the point of car city whole, these models changing a money appear on the market to begin to depreciate before long, the price pressure of agency sees one spot.