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Industry of shipbuilding of our country of financial crisis influence " polariza
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On the forum of financing of boat look forward to that a few days ago Shanghai holds, the delegate of look forward to of a few boats that comes from Zhejiang lake city, stage city expresses, because the influence of global banking crisis is passing the domain such as shipping and finance to be permeated to shipbuilding industry, domestic shipbuilding market will is faced with relatively major key is whole, a few miniature look forward to of civilian battalion boat has encountered order atrophy, remove insecurity of catenary of odd, capital to wait for a variety of risks, but the vigorous state that the civilian battalion enterprise with powerful actual strength and state-owend enterprise continue to maintain order to grow steadily, chinese shipping industry is being formed " polarization " pattern, of the industry shuffle possibility is being increased.

Small company only then the person that make tomb figure

A personage of shipping industry know the inside story tells a reporter, recently since two months, the look forward to of a lot of boats of and other places of city, lukewarm to Zhejiang lake city, "Order " became most focal vocabulary. The feature of these boat look forward to is a technology more backward, majority can produce 10 thousand tons of bulk cargo ships of the left and right sides only, ship-owner basically comes from company of inland-water-ways vessel motion. Because at present inland river shipping appears,put delay sign, a lot of boats carry the enterprise issues sheet easily no longer. Company of a few shipping to attract a client, in advance cushion is huge endowment shipbuilding, take finished product to be searched to the market next buy the home.

The state of a few medium and small businesses of Guangdong and Shandong is not hopeful also. Disclose yesterday according to guild of Chinese shipping industry, ou Mou of Guangzhou yellow riverside builds lay-up business only in October inside a week of the first ten days of a month, encounter two oil tanker change the cancel of order of bulk cargo boat continuously, loss 40 million dollar.

A personage of boat look forward to expresses, small-sized boat look forward to the present road that seek to live on is the stability that ensures cash flows, below the predicament with at present constrictive money, do not eliminate to seek appear on the market will plan market fund; It is with large ship look forward to collaboration ensures order is mixed produce can. His citing says, a few days ago, qingdao dockyard just comes true to hoist the sails with Beijing the strategy of shipbuilding group recombines, both sides shares the dominant position such as network of capital, management, sale. Shandong saves work of national defence family to do director Wang Chaoying to express, influence of international banking crisis is shown gradually, your shipbuilding market faces profound change, the medium and small businesses of industry of Shandong province shipbuilding is more, should strengthen the cooperation with backbone shipbuilding industry, into to the marrow dry shipbuilding industry produces a system, vivosphere is extended in intense market competition.
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