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Zhejiang equipment manufacturing industry is become gradually pull move industry
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Since this year, zhejiang saves industrial structure to get optimizing, equipment manufacturing industry is become gradually draw the main power that uses industrial growth.

The statistical information that according to Zhejiang province statistic bureau released a few days ago shows, before this year 3 quarters, manufacturing industry of Zhejiang province equipment raises a cost 204 billion yuan, grow 13.8% compared to the same period, growth contribution rate is amounted to 40.1% ; Realize gain 51.56 billion yuan, grow 21.6% compared to the same period.

What answer relatively with this is, zhejiang is saved manufacturing industry invests 243.9 billion yuan since this year, grow 16.2% compared to the same period, amplitude increases 3.8 percent compared to the same period. Install investment of equipment manufacturing industry to grow 22.2% among them, the proportion that holds manufacturing industry investment is 45.7% .

Equipment manufacturing industry is what supply technical equipment for national economy progress and national defence construction is strategical industry, have technical content correlation of tall, industry spends big, belt to move ability to be mixed by force resource the sources of energy uses up low characteristic. Government of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, province raised a target last year, want to be core in order to enhance industrial administrative levels and international competition ability, break through technology of a batch of pivotal general character, breed enterprise of a batch of keys and key product, exert oneself makes a batch of industry group that have characteristic advantage. To 2020, zhejiang should become the base of equipment manufacturing industry with important country.