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City of next year car is overall still can rise increase of not certain factor
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Show according to authoritative data, since this year, show ceaseless annulus by the sale that use a car than gliding trend, august was to appear more the monthly inside the current year compared to the same period drop first. September, although multiply what have fixed rate with car market to pick up, but still present negative growth compared to the same period. In the meantime, as a result of the United States second the decelerate of macroscopical economy of the aggravate that borrows the crisis and country, together with is restricted to go, be restricted the hearsay that card policy carries out, let hold money to treat bought customer indecisive, agency worries about the car market 2009 more, automobile industry is faced with new round challenge.

In the light of the anticipation of automobile industry developed 2009, and how to answer the change of all sorts of economy environments was mixed 2009 of policy restrict wait for a problem, sponsor by 4 units such as association of Chinese auto industry, Beijing north car of Chen Yayun village trades the influencing factor of market of 2009 China car that the unit such as market center undertakes seminar, hold at will be in Beijing on October 16, industry expert is right today bright car city of two years expressed respective view.

Xu Changming: Our country economy grows slow down or will affect 2009 car city

Analysing 2008 when car market situation, economy of national information center forecasts department head Xu Changming to think, till now, the market this year comes on the whole say to low level is compared since arriving nearly 10 years. Integrated in light of the statistical data of before 3 quarters, this year first quarter grow 21.2% compared to the same period by the sales volume that use a car, and arrived 2 quarters glided 10.9% , of 3 quarters take the market that use a car more low fan, sales volume drops compared to the same period 9.5% . To so grim car market situation, xu Changming analysis thinks, the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that the influencing factor of 80% is a country adds 70% ~ of international economy queasy. He says, bring about what car market sales volume glides this year the fall that the mainest reason is speed of progress of our country economy. Glide as a result of the capital insecurity of enterprise of medium and small businesses, civilian battalion and profit, and the fall of rate of dweller income growth, together with because the stock market and estate market depression, dweller fortune shrink, these elements weakened the purchasing power of the main body that buy a car, affected the demand of car market directly.

To 2009 of car market forecast, xu Changming says frankly " leave final conclusion very hard " , but he thinks on the whole, the reason that has 3 sides can affect the car market of next year. One of, because begin our country to enter the development phase that has 20 to have 100 cars to 1000 people from 1000 people from next year, although annual car increase rate is slow, but carried fixed development rate, so of market of our country car in long-term development law did not go, this is the only that in last few years market of our country car grows an interest good factor. Secondly, our country from 2003~2007 year be in economy to rise continuously period, annual GDP increase rate is in 10% above, and ascendant trend is all the time inside these 5 years, from an economy periodic angle is analysed, the GDP increase rate 2008 drops for certain and maintain likely in such 10% or so level. Current in light of international economic situation, the rate that economy grew 2009 may be even lower than this year, can produce certain negative effect to the car market of next year. Thirdly, about imposing fuel tax, rise to apply Beijing motor vehicle is restricted to go downtime cost, for a long time the hearsay such as gross of the card on measure and control, also be an influence 2009 the special element of car market.
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