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Financial crisis makes Canadian automobile industry faces tide of reduction of o
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The financial storm that comes from wall street makes common people is far from a car to sell the hall not only, more make Canadian auto industry faces the dilemma that cut down the member of persons employed.

Kelaisilejia company of give oneself airs: To provide company efficiency, shut it permanently to be in 3 in storehouse of 6 fittings of Canadian, these 3 storehouse are located in Vancouver respectively, , Winnipeg and Moncton, cause 54 works station to lose. In the meantime, the company stopped Kelaisile to be in Europe by Canadian Mai Ge accept Austrian generation produces 300C car, grandCherokee jeep reachs commander SUV, this plan general only then in November eventually in December, add up to 8 weeks, undertake adjustment according to circumstance of market sales volume.

Company of Ford car Canada: The plan shuts it to install what save Aokeweier generally to assemble a factory in Canadian industry, brigade car rested to produce stop work three weeks before the bottom 2008. This stop production was December 2006 many 3000 worker begins this factory to produce MKX of Ford Edge, Lincoln to rest with all one's strength since brigade car for the first time, and 2008 spring, increased a few bigger Ford Flex to rest again brigade car produces an item. However, american market Edge and MKX sales volume will glide respectively September 43% with 54% , 80% what these products held gross of this factory product, ford must choose to reduce a number is stop production even. Flex model is behaved more flooey, give the new car of great expectations as a company, go up in American market September sales volume 2 from August, 010 are dropped 1, 959, and the season that September is new car sell like hot cakes commonly.

Cami Motor Corporation: By general Canada company and bell wood collective and joint-stock built business, will arrive from now before the end of the year move only all around, bell wood rests brigade car stop production.