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Busy season of agriculture machinery sale shifts to an earlier date " Jin Jiuyin
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Before this year 8 months, production of industry of our country agriculture machinery sells wonderful confused to show, market demand warms up continuously, domestic and international two markets synchronism grows, show powerful development reserve strength. Statistic shows, production value of agriculture machinery gross value of industrial output, new product, industry will sell amount and exit delivery cost to be sixteen billion two hundred and thirty-eight million yuan respectively August, 1.74 billion yuan, sixteen billion two hundred and thirty-five million yuan mix 1.851 billion yuan, grew 2 compared to the same period. .07% , 90.78% , 27.94% with 35.99% . Although agriculture machinery industry maintained since this year,stabilize the situation of development continuously. But analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, in recent years agriculture machinery market " Jin Jiuyin 10 " traditional busy season is in all sorts of elements (especially element of agriculture machinery allowance) below the influence, be born sadly change, predict produce and sale of partial agriculture machinery will enter market demand inflection point in succession October, market of whole agriculture machinery also will be entered gradually cool autumn.

Continuance of hot tractor market involves requirement rise situation

Since this year, nice in each benefit such as agriculture machinery allowance element drives market of our country tractor below, continue to continue the progress with good in former years goes situation, market sale is climbed step by step litre. But large and medium-sized delay of tractor amplitude hasten, august, monthly grows 3.37% compared to the same period; Small-sized tractor appears relatively substantially coast, monthly decreases compared to the same period 10.47% . Do not have friendly intercourse overall go situation look, small-sized in August tractor still grew 1 ~ 1.72% , tractor course of study is shown " demand is hot, add situation is swift and violent " feature.

It is market demand hot, the enterprise sells perch to move. Statistic shows, 1 ~ August, the present price gross value of industrial output of industry of our country agriculture machinery, industry sells total production value to part accumulative total finishs thirty-seven billion eight hundred and fifty-four million yuan to mix thirty-nine billion one hundred and ninety-four million yuan, grow compared to the same period 19.62% with 22.4% ; 1 ~ in July, advocate business Wu income appears to be climbed substantially litre, industry increases the value is little to go up raise, amplitude is respectively 17.53% , 3.87% .

2 it is large and medium-sized gross of demand of market of tractor, walking tractor continues to continue last year " hold high hit high " rise situation, appear relatively go up substantially raise; Small four-wheel tractor produce and sale appeared of different level glide. 1 ~ in August, sale of accumulative total of company of production of 28 main tractors of our country is big in pull 165574 stage, walking tractors 620548, grow respectively compared to the same period 12.88% with 6.08% ; Accumulative total sale is small four-wheel tractor 243110, decrease compared to the same period 11.62% .
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