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Our country seams machine exit and analysis of international market circumstance
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Why to want " go " -- ,

Dissolve market pressure to accumulate development potential

Arrive from 20 centuries end at the beginning of this century, our country seams machine industry to make world tailor machine very quickly after experiencing old and rapid development country of the biggest production, 70% what crop of machinery of our country tailor holds world total output about, the product sells as far as to 158 countries and area.

However, in the backside of brilliant success we see clearly also, total output advantage does not mean market dominant position certainly. In occupying, seam assist preliminary to what China seamed machine market data 2007 analysis, china seamed machine industry total production value to be 42 billion RMB about 2007, export the forehead to be 1.48 billion dollar among them (add up to) of 10.4 billion RMB about, occupy the 1/4 of total production value only, exit foreground still capacious.

In addition, structure of industry of industry of garment of our country spin upgrades this year quickened the pace that seams look forward to to develop outwards. Because suffer a RMB to appreciate continuously,wait for an influence, partial clothing company reduces yield in succession, caused market slow down in demand, seam look forward to to face enormous pressure and challenge.

The limited company of beautiful machine sewing machine that ever jumped with 30% above speed for a time with sale is exemple, accept market impact, beautiful this year machine home market sale dropped half above, this also makes Lin Xueping of its general manager rapid change the look to foreign market. Only before this year two months, 4 international that beautiful aircraft company joined to be held in the country such as India, Bengal, Brazil continuously are exhibited can undertake extending. The success of overseas market developed the machine that it is the United States to bring rich and generous redound -- , only June, beautiful aircraft company exported the forehead to reach 1.34 million dollar, than 2007 the corresponding period jumped 3, fourfold, make its sale carries the growth rate of 20% in market difficult position.

"Go " strategic success is carried out, let seam aircraft company to be in home market is small new management point of growth was achieved when confusing, carry international market of active fight in some places one by one, home seamed look forward to to extend development space, accumulated more to develop potential.

Slow and steady " go " -- ,

Extend an international market to establish China to produce image

Suffer exit drawback tax rate to reduce etc with all possible means the influence of the element, enter adjust period our country seams machine industry to seam aircraft company in partial home " go " below strategic support, product exit still maintains growth momentum first half of the year, but exit is added fast apparent hasten delay.
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