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Iron and steel of current our country and coke industry grow the current situati
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One, reforming and opening 30 years since, the hair of Chinese iron and steel and coke industry develops form

At present Chinese iron and steel and coke market value are in passageway of be issued to lower levels in, this suffers among them outside the influence of international and home market, also be developed the effect of itself by iron and steel and coke industry. From the point of the development of iron and steel and coke industry, the change of iron and steel and coke market is having inseparable concern with the following elements.

Chinese reforming and opening gifts 30 years Chinese economy and the vigor with steely, coke greatest industry, china left to lag behind miserably, left ticket of food coupon, flesh, cloth coupon, buy goods this, example makes fun of, those who replace is guest of car of home of house of mobile phone, computer, air conditioning, commodity, illicit, credit card, rich high-end commodity, especially steely industry is exhibited from bitter fleabane break out macroscopical adjusting control and encourage rolled steel to export drawback, arrive again add ask for custom duty to control steely export then. Coke exports the drawback from in the past 15% to executive quota system of licensing, arrive again add ask for the custom duty of 40% to control manufacturing gross.

Reforming and opening 30 years since, our country left the shortage period that rolled steel plans cent to deserve to plan allocate and transfer with raw material, rolled steel transforms from entrance big country to export big country completely. Steely crop spans early or late 1, 2, 3, 400 million tons of new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, reached level of 500 million tons of production. Crop of crude steel, cast iron, coke occupies the whole world to produce gross respectively 37% , 50% , 60% . Will look from breed, the self-sufficient rate of whole rolled steel was achieved 108.34% , merely 4 breed are returned cannot completely self-sufficient. Through in last few years annex recombines, our country already was formed include Heibei, Bao Gang, Wu Gang, Shandong, saddle this, sha Gang the development pattern of 6 big steely groups.

From the point of the development of coke industry, reforming and opening 30 years since, coke crop arrives from many tons 4000 present have a whole world 60% coke crop, coke crop spans early or late 1, 2, 300 million tons of step. The development of coke industry basically is grow pace as iron and steel industry, at the same time contented also chemical industry, coloured, machinery creates the demand that waits for industry development.

Development of iron and steel industry also drove global economy to grow quickly, include the United States, Japan and Brazil to quicken development pace. Our country steely industry scores gain from 1978 37.18 million RMB achieves 9 million RMB to 1993, again the entire trade deficit from 1998 400 million yuan of RMBs, exceed 1700 much RMBs to the profit last year, especially the following 2004 profit had grow substantially. Development course of 30 years can be divided into 3 phase probably, 15 years since the rolled steel crop of our country increases by degrees on average 7.15% , cast iron output grows 6.33% , coke output grows 4.68% , to 2002 crude steel output grows 8.22% , cast iron output grows 7.73% , coke output grows 4.89% . Arrive from 2003 again crude steel output grew 21.86% 2007, cast iron output grows 22.42% , coke output grows 18.62% . Chinese iron and steel industry was experienced endless and the road of the development of hardships.
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