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Rigid demand still path of future of town of exuberant China car still bright
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"Gold 9 no longer " , hope " silver-colored 10 " prices erupts be afraid not quite actual also, then somebody judges city of car of country of call the turn also with Euramerican Japan " conform " , entering " flat " . Actually, abroad effect sufferring Chinese economy is impossible, but the special place that on the other hand Chinese economy is having him, although increase rate temporarily meeting rein in, but huge demand still exists, this enough supports car city to maintain the momentum of development. Look from some kind of angle, period of time is likely henceforth will be home each are big the phase that enterprise comparing spells comprehensive strength.

International setting: Depend on each other of weal and woe

International car town is small fan, the Chinese market that having strong demand then makes the central point that people fixes eyes on. Chinese car city passes nearly 10 old flying development, it is very easy that those international estate magnates think in Chinese dumping the car does not calculate really.

On one hand, the model of medium on the high side has been home completely almost joint-stock the market of big plant, the space that leaves an entrance the car is really limited. On the other hand, high end is luxurious more or less may the consumption of the car get international economy is turbulent and the influence that Chinese economy grows speed to put delay, demand somewhat fall after a rise. Accordingly, the immediate pressure that estate magnate creates to domestic car should not consider international car very big, more influences can reflect the devoted meeting in foreign capital to decrease probably, because of this slow down the product changes or expand produce can speed.

Nevertheless, because in international economy acuteness and queasy setting falls,be, the component of a few low cost is medium even the competition ability that homebred inexpensive car also increased to export, in economy low during confusing, already cheap good thing should more get the welcome of the market. Think a century the Japanese car of 70 time understands such reason not hard.

Additional, the car still is the industry of a high-tech up to now, actually expenditure is purchasing newest and patent technology to go up a lot of cost. Traditional Euramerican market demand is insufficient, also virtually makes the international estate magnate that owns these patent quicken the pace that exports new technology to China, not hesitate even lower a few price not knowable also.

Domestic general trends: Rigid demand still exuberant

From home the car this year consumes an environment to look, the heavy rain that earthquake of the snow calamity of south of China of Spring Festival around, 512 Sichuan brings to the Guangdong in June, did automobile manufacturing industry of China bear so great pressure? ? Of oil price soare ceaselessly, of iron and steel and raw material rise in price and rise of manpower cost apparently, impose a state a series of economically constrictive policy let a lot of manufacturer feel financing is tight, profit space has not small compression, and of the natural disaster of arise suddenly and stock market low fan and even abroad " financial seismic sea wave " make the desire to buy of consumer also drops somewhat, then car city presents an evidence that goes weak.
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