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Financial storm is violent will raid car line of business to face stern test
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The hurricane of a finance that by the United States sub debt crisis causes is sweeping across the whole world, developed country and the area such as Europe, beautiful, day are more than already publish all sorts of answering plan, but still fail to prevent this storm at present grow in intensity. Now the influence of this finance storm is in nowadays to include automobile industry inside hypostatic economy is soaked and spread. Suffer its to pound, at present Euramerican car city has encountered " cold current " ; Of Chinese car city add fast also put delay apparently... and as the whole world famous automobile industry seeks advice from company J.D.Power a few days ago more gave out terrible early-warning: China was added the conference is small only by the demand that use a car 2009 reach 5.88 million, and suffer credit crisis and economy to glide influence, global car market or experienced 2009 " collapse dish " .

So, be in this " hundred years encounter " below economic bow wave, what kind of test is market of car of global automobile industry, home experiencing?

Euramerican car city is sufferred inflict heavy losses on

Permeate to hypostatic economy gradually as the global banking storm that grow in intensity, car line of business became be the first to be affected to get a trade with larger influence. This are OK first from the whole world the biggest car market -- in will selling data September, North America market sees, the sales volume of all Motor Corporation will be in North America market September glide, the car market with this the biggest whole world sales volume will glide on average September 26.6% , the most spectacular record that achieved 50 years to come. In addition, the reporter also sees from inside Motor Corporation of Ford car, Feng Tian and the list of sale outstanding achievement that Motor Corporation publishs this cropland, their sales volume will drop respectively September 35% , 32% with 24% . And general motors falls through undertaking employee privilege sales promotion sell its a control in 16% . Of Kelaisile fall for 33% , the day that still carries growth last month produces car and Daimule to run quickly September sales volume also pelter 37% with 8.4% , the sales volume of contemporary car, masses car and BMW car falls all also exceed 10% .

Below the market declining tendency that glides considerably in sales volume, the Wo Erwo car below Ford car division must announce to will cut down the member of persons employed once more 4000 people, make the company plans gross cutting down the member of persons employed to reach 6000 people, 25% what hold employee sum total about; Reynolds group also will cut down the member of persons employed in Europe 2000 people, the France that announces before Jiashangzhi cuts down the member of persons employed 4000 people plan, reynolds near future plans number cutting down the member of persons employed to already amounted to 6000 people; The much home subsidiary that general motors is located in Europe announces to shrink reduction of output can, plan of reduction of output is 40 thousand... arrive from Reynolds, beautiful Xue Tielong car of Daimule, masses and BMW, more and more car companies announce temporary stop production is mixed cut down the member of persons employed, can say global car market has been entered " severe winter " .
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