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Content of Chinese project machine sheds macroscopical environment to develop an
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In recent years, below the trend of internationalization of unifinication of economic globalization, market, competition, modern other people flows to already made the principal property that socioeconomy develops and new economic point of growth, "915 " during, our country will match content shedding to send label the service line of business that emphasizes development, for trade of this country classics appoint waited for door of the six ministries in feudal China to still be released jointly " a certain number of opinions that sort development about accelerating our country modern other people " , this shows, content sheds the project machine of main to spreading a trade as content component and character, as the development of economy of our country market, will enter to increase period quickly, however, face opportunity while, the challenge still exists.

One, the economic environment that content of Chinese project machine sheds

2007, national economy and social progress majority anticipate target in finished state is better, pace of economic structural adjustment is accelerated, economic system reform is advanced steadily, especially financial domain reform goes well, shift of the economy in macroscopical adjusting control gets be strengthened further and be amelioratived. But subsequently and those who come was not however 2008 plain sailing, the bow wave that global inflation and global high oil price form is affecting China, our country experience put together with on the ice 2008 the natural disaster such as calamity, earthquake, flood, and the new code that the meaning such as new labor law upgrades in stimulative industry, afore-mentioned elements are pounding content of Chinese project machine inevitably to flow. Glacial calamity, earthquake, flood pounded Chinese project machine to make the supply with original and flimsy enterprise catenary; New labor law makes Chinese project mechanical make an enterprise lose cheap labor cost advantage; High oil price increases project machine to carry the cost such as content shedding directly.

Although difficulty is heavy, but the opportunity exists likewise, there is large construction surely after big calamity, especially disaster area is right after southwest earth shake the project machine demand such as grab, bulldozer, roller is steep add, content spreads demand also subsequently exuberant, we see China is employed during earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River exceed big helicopter sky the machinery such as locomotive grab. The job rebuilds to still need the participation of many project machine after calamity at present. New labor law and high oil price may wash out a batch to produce can lag behind and the company with not strong competition ability, profit grows at the conformity of the industry, also the industry that certainly will benefit makes a trade at project machine is spent centrally rise, final profit at supplying chain perfect.

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