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Hangzhou city makes an industry get with technical innovation army enterprise
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Since this year, construction of system of innovation of technology of business of Hangzhou city industry is strengthened ceaselessly, technical innovation ability rises ceaselessly, advance technical innovation to work to obtain new breakthrough again. Recently, national hair changes appoint wait for a branch to maintain, southeast net wears joint-stock company and center of technology of limited company of group of ongoing gear case to be center of national level technology. So far, hangzhou city obtains the company number of center of national level technology to achieve 13, in the whole nation the be among the best of candidates in deputy provincial town. In addition, accuse in Hangzhou city science and technology, auspicious accuse, install chemical industry, child newly to with a ha be breathed out wait for 4 enterprises selected country hair changes appoint plan of project of construction of ability of innovation of industry technology center, obtain 12 million yuan of finance to aid financially in all, this also is this plan since starting, Hangzhou city obtains project approving most.

Center of technology of level of can selected state, it is an industry commonly inside get army stage business. "National level " honor already was a technology the banner, id card that has industry speech right. If southeast net wears the bibcock company that is domain of dimensional steel structure, assumed project of extend of International Airport of water cubic metre, capital, country to shoot the multinomial Olympic Games such as the house mark sex project, home of fill of multinomial advanced technique is blank. Group of ongoing gear case already was seleted " Chinese machinist job 500 strong " , " competition ability of big group of Chinese big company 500 strong " enterprise, marine the product such as gear case is in of home market have rate amount to 70% , have in southeast Asia market rate amount to 80% . And 4 businesses that this ability of selected country innovation builds a project to plan, be the center of technology of national level business that already maintained more " the person that above average " . The design that science and technology accuses to control a system to increase industrial automation in be like, analysis builds the project such as dependability experiment and analytic lab with power of test, child with a ha breaths out a group around ferment development of dairy produce beverage, construction and perfect bacterium are planted safe-deposit center, 6 couplet ferment coal tub experiments systematic project, this each obtain national allowance fund 3 million yuan, use at construction of ability of innovation of industry technology center.

Striving for technology of national level business is the underlying demand that the company grows not only, also be the important sign that reveals ability of innovation of an area technology and level. Industry technology center already was the serious content that builds system of industry technology innovation, since Hangzhou city begins to maintain first industry technology center from 2000, preliminary formed the more perfect technology such as center of technology of class of national level, provincial, city innovation system. Before this, already owned center of technology of city class above 350. The enterprise is platform with technical center, begin own research and development, produce learn to grind collaboration, enhanced the technical innovation ability of the enterprise greatly. Current, list of center of technology of provincial this year company is definite already also, in assess " doorsill " below the circumstance of drive up, hangzhou city has 15 companies again center of selected and provincial technology, list a complete province the first.
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