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Path favour north changes TPE of class of agglutinate of nylon of research and d
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North of favour of hill one who treats sb to a meal changes elastomer data limited company to rolled out TPE(a few days ago thermoplastic elastomer) - N series product, this is one kind can pass: Note model 2 times to undertake Fu shoots stuck product wrapping. This product can wrap Fu at nylon surface, have superior bind strength, good flexibility and comfortable feel, can promote the exterior of nylon product quality, achieve prevent shock-proof and slippery, equivalent fruit, material satisfies the environmental protection of Euramerican country to ask.
TPE of nylon agglutinate class is the difficulty of the research and development inside course of study all the time, , because TPE belongs to blame polarity material, it is compound and difficult that with PA6(polyamide the polarity material such as 6) and PA66(polyamide 66) notes model 2 times, shoot with the nylon that adds minute of 30 % Bo it is more difficult to stick, what sell on the market at present is finite product of TPE of class of agglutinate of a few nylon is put in various problems mostly, for instance on the high side of low, hardness, environmental protection does not amount to bind intensity the problem such as mark; And import on the high side of product criterion price.
Path favour north changes the N series TPE of company research and development to use the peculiar technology that add a look, product bind intensity is high, hardness moderate, mechanical performance is good, have exceedingly good feel and outward appearance. This company still is developed can mix with the PA6 of content of taller Bo fine the series product of PA66 agglutinate, already got the user is approbated.