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Add fiber of pliable but strong by force to be used at making new-style defend s
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Holand URMOND message, ni Ma of Si Mandi of the Supreme Being (DSM Dyneema) announce Kimberly-Clark Professional company joins his to approve card project, use the world to go up of production company of Dyneema® of fiber of the strongest pliable but strong new-style defend sexual glove.

Dyneema®Polyethylene fiber can be offerred unprecedented intensity and pledge gently and flexible, will apply at defending from beginning to end in sexual glove. Pass Dyneema®In adding KLEENGUARD* card glove, kimberly-Clark Professional company will provide the comfortable sex of more advanced course and security for the client. Kimberly-Clark Professional company can be offerred at present use Dyneema®Production KLEENGUARD* G60 Purple Nitrile* prevents cut type glove.

Kimberly-Clark Professional company plans to raise its KLEENGUARD* card to defend sexual glove crop, the product uses the Dyneema that Di Siman company offers®Fiber is made prevent cut type glove. Of the company approbate card project to be wear away and prevent set of cut type glove high level. And have independent test to glove model, if its accord with a standard, so glove product will mark is " contain Dyneema®" . The KLEENGUARD* brand product of Kimberly-Clark Professional company can be offerred for the worker defend the gender equips.

"Workers need wear, high-powered the glove that can offer flexibility and comfortable sex, the hand that protects them at the same time spares harm. " the say of market manager Lori Shaffer of KLEENGUARD* industry glove. "This with Di Siman between Dinima approbate card project to will help us make more new-style the product that has innovation sense, the client that helps us improves worker security and promotion flexibility. The client that helps us improves worker security and promotion flexibility..