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Igus rolls out carrier of cable of new generation wire in American IMTS
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Message of EAST PROVIDENCE of island of American collect heart, after passing the wear that is as long as 3 years to check, igus®The company was rolled out brand-new the carrier of cable guide pulley of next generation. New-style " System P4 " will exhibit on IMTS exhibition of the United States and will undertake commercializing. The speed on the equipment of is as long as 400 feet the test outdoor that carrier of this kind of new-style cable is in Igus company can amount to 23 feet / second. P4 special development is used at indoor and the crane outdoor and transmission system.

Before 10 years Igus developed the carrier of cable guide pulley that is used at crane. The place in most slashing crane application is prominent till although be in,they proved the whole world is current ability. Since since 2006, outfit stock comes from Igus company Energy Chain®The amount of large dock crane of cable carrier grew double, in June 2008, crane of shore of the 375th ship equiped Igus cable carrier. Inside global limits the company still equiped to exceed 2, 500 RTG and RMG crane.

Promoted technical progress to the demand of cable carrier technology. Similar, because,cable carrier must move smoothly quietly a lot of haven ceaseless and outspread and adjacent dweller life division. Although load achieves 20 Lbs/ft, the P4 below moves in high speed only low-down noise and wear-resisting caustic. In fact, be based on the use of add center chain, put in weight limitation scarcely. Each catenary all has same short pitch, this means cable carrier to be able to fall to move with the least oscillatory scope in its radius.