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The polycarbonate that can reclaim builds technology of sound insulation system
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Message of American Virginia RICHMOND, acoustiClear™ is a kind of innovation does not have system of noise block partition, its applicably at needing high cost efficiency, the exterior is beautiful, the project of system of partition of industrial noise block.

AcoustiClear™Be by can reclaim to polycarbonate module is made and be become, with industrial tradition product photograph is compared, its avoid Yu Weixiu, wear, pledge gently and can undertake according to user demand custom-built.

AcoustiClear™Board module design makes the design of wall system, expand and carry a gender to have final flexibility. System but by iron and steel, excel in composite material or concrete installation are made. And it still has construction spot perfect, instant installation, the smallest change installation time and environment the characteristic of negative effect.

AcoustiClear™System of noise block partition all has cockle in wall body two sides; Reduced noise rank thereby and make the light of 80% can pass through wall system. The security that systematic place increases makes thief people feel disappointing and make its apply to taller to security demand dweller housing and municipal facilities.

AcoustiClear™System of noise block partition applies already successfully at all sorts of domains, be like a freeway, airport, go going to the school, the carriage system of hospital and residential area.