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Du Bang Zytel is thermoplastic body is used at insulin injector
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German FRIEDRICHSHAFEN message, by British industry the design consults a company (IDC) of the design new-style can repeat injector of use insulin drawing style to contain You Dubang the project is thermoplastic material (DuPont Engineering Polymers) all sorts of components of place moulding, du Bang product owns outstanding quality and property, and Du Bang company made these parts in the assistance of Europe and Asian area. Makes product will be passed offer portable, firm careful, fast and simple and easy insulin dispensation system brings good news for Indian diabetic.

"Release the elaborate system of the ratchet in mechanism and gear to be being used in injector, we need to be similar to Delrin®material can achieve excellent dimension stability thereby, and be able to bear or endure creep sex and certain natural lubricity, " the administrative director Stephen Knowles of IDC company explains. "In addition, a lot of mechanical movement must undertake according to certain sequence, accordingly certain part needs very high impact strength, stretch model quantity and tensile strength. To these components we choose Zytel®. ..

The dimension of injector of insulin drawing style is similar to earmark pen, complete by plastic make, component of key of wh some of which needs accurate dispensation setting and insulin to release, and You Dubang is thermoplastic material moulding and into. Du Bang Delrin®Acetal all gets together the important option that content colophony is safe component, its can supply a part highest dependability, can use at clutch and closedown to cover. Du Bang Zytel®Nylon colophony is used at driving axis, liner, sunken form mat and piston lever are built.