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Step a plan new-style tall put into production of transparent product line of ba
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Germany straps Wokusen message, step a plan high-powered data company (Momentive Performance Materials) the balata of silicon of new-style tall transparent liquid state that revealed to use optical applying at innovating (LSR) product line. These new material have tall transparency (come high 95% ) , low haze and excellent physical stability. Accordingly these material apply to production car to apply the auxiliary LED lens in the domain to make especially.

The demand that transparent polymer material increases ceaselessly

The demand that high-energy LED increases ceaselessly, apply mediumly in car technology especially, make the demand of these material increases ceaselessly. With traditional optics systematic photograph is compared, system of new generation LED has input of high light energy and low specific power consumption. Besides the efficiency of the lamp, their very compact construction makes the product can bear the temperature that is as high as 150 ° C, still have tall proportional hard blue ray radiation at the same time.

Special material function

Besides the exceedingly good and optical performance that improves besides above, material of LSR 7000 series has low mixture viscosity, can shorten below the condition that carries inferior inject to compress thereby expect and note model number. LSR besides have relatively inferior vulcanization time to still have relatively inferior circulation time, can reduce optical component to make cost thereby.

The first time in LED system carries out an attempt

The feasibility of Eschenbach Optik GmbH checks the tremendous application latent capacity that proved LSR 7070. " the production of lens of high-energy to be being used at these LED, be like,we are opposite all the time PC and PMMA such transparent thermoplastic plastic function is malcontent. Considering high temperature stability, as thermoplastic as the tradition plastic photograph has enormous applied value than LSR 7070, can shorten circular time and the defective goods that reduce generation of the place in making " , the say of Erik Schalle of plastic technology director of Eschenbach.