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Sino-US scientist develops a carbon of type of sponge of tall soft toughness to
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Sino-US scientist development goes a kind of interpose to be in charge of the canal of sponge type carbon between at carbon fiber and carbolic accept rice, this carbon canal is lighter than traditional carbon fiber withier. Relevant research is published in the near future " natural " on the network edition of the magazine.

Shanghai is born with the Peng Hui of aid university (transliteration) reach its work in the same placing to discover, the carbolic vapour that comprises by hot ethylene and liquid state olefin is encountered cold will condense into the pure carbon with a few a few centimeters wide, long micron to be in charge of. The fights piece of intensity to be more than a tradition carbon fiber that this carbon is in charge of, when tug pulls it, this carbon canal won't split, have very good flexibility and extend a gender.

This carbon canal submits columnar form, inside only thick 1.4 micron, inside structure is similar to bubble, have very good osmotic. What the structure of type of this kind of sponge combined carbolic itself to have is deft, make the thickness that this carbon provides very low, 0.1 grams are weighed only in 1 stere, and the carbon fiber of general and same size hefts 2 grams.

Researcher says, this carbon fiber can be used to the material of production high strenth, for instance ballproof garment, this carbon canal may compare the triumphant husband that is used at exceeding strong cable and ballproof garment at present to pull Er fiber (the synthetic fibre with light weight of solid of a kind of qualitative dungeon) more withy, the effect is better.

Silk of Hao of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of the rank of nobility of • of the heart in the top expert Mi Erde that rice of accept of physics of Masschusetts Institute of Technology and professor of electric machinery department, carbon is in charge of says, "This is the carbon of a kind of new form. Previously, the carbon of stomatic shape also has, but they are very flimsy, break off easily, the conductivity that this kind of new stomatic shape carbon is in charge of is very good also, they will be in those who need flexibility ' yarn fabric electronics ' the respect exhibits boxing foot greatly.

Researcher calls this kind of structure " tremendous carbon is in charge of " , because they are in charge of photograph comparing with carbolic accept rice,want a lot of bigger. All the time since, the scientist tries to turn valve of carbolic accept rice into fiber and other compound, but a variety of attempts end with failing -- large-scale fibrous intensity wishs as the person, and this new " tremendous carbon is in charge of " fight Zhang Jiang to spend bigger than traditional carbon fiber.