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Henry Si Mai is rolled out shape quickly photoelectricity is plastic - RenShape
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Henry Si Mai is advanced data company (Huntsman Advanced Materials) be designing quickly, shape and make the person that the whole world on the technology precedes, and be emphasized on TCT2008 conference introduce its to be in advanced photoelectricity technology (SL) 20 years of experience on material progress.

Henry Si Mai will use RenShape®SL 7870 proves the character of advanced SL material, this is one kind exceeds pliable but strong, the SL colophony of transparent low viscosity, it is the RenShape that has tall wear at present®SL 7800 and polymer of SL 7810 photosensitive. Although be in heat or damp environment, all these material can make tall detail, the tough model of stability of exceedingly good dimension. RenShape®SL 7800 and SL 7810 all apply to medical treatment to build a model.

Besides SL technology, henry Si Mai will newest tool board, include to have RenShape®BM 5055 and come from RenPIM®The fast solidify polyurethane of series product.