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Chengdu country connects development success large requirements drainpipe of mod
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The diameter achieves 3 meters (φ 3000) drainpipe of model of Shuang Pingbi steel connected company of industrial and finite liability to develop a success in Chengdu country a few days ago.

As we have learned, the good point with good tenacity of rolled steel of be in harmony and high density spend drainpipe of model of steel of this kind of double smooth wall polyethylene is able to bear or endure the good point with corrode good sex at a suit, annulus stiffness is tall, corrosion resistance is strong, already checked center and quality of product of the Chengdu City to supervise those who test the unit such as the academy to detect through national chemistry building materials, the gain of science and technology that passed construction ministry science and technology to develop stimulative center evaluates appraisal. Additional as we have learned, this product already included the Chengdu City Economic Commission " project of key technology innovation planned the Chengdu City 2008 " with government of the Chengdu City " 2008 catalog of form a complete set of product of place of the Chengdu City " .