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New material of nylon of Di Siman low cost comes out
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According to Holand SITTARD message, di Siman project is plastic company (DSM Engineering Plastics) rolled out product of a kind of new-style nylon, this Akulon®Ultraflow&S482; PA6 has superior material performance and optimized treatment property. In addition, the rate of going from place to place that compares this kind of polymer with photograph of traditional nylon colophony wants tall 80% , and can undertake simple and easy moulding. Accordingly, the inject performance that improves below specific applied environment can make cycle time drops 40% . In addition, this kind of material can undertake machining below inferior temperature, extract high-energy effect thereby. Higher inject rate and faster crystallization time make moulding division can be in inferior clamping force (small-sized machinery) or undertake operating on mould of higher standard acupuncture point. This reduces component cost thereby.

The good solution that regards car of this kind of Gondola as model application, the Akulon Ultraflow that comes from Di Siman company can satisfy the requirement of aesthetic exterior not only, still can assist improvement to machine a condition, inject accurately in train model character of outstanding going from place to place is shown in moulding.

In addition, akulon Ultraflow can optimize the cycle time that uses a field, this to producing a manager character is extremely crucial parameter. Customer Schirmer feels to the function of this kind of material especially satisfactory. Turn to a car to become special Gang Ren, and eliminated the appearance before not smooth sex, the product had better flexibility and outward appearance.

Was located in in the past near Chemnitz use ABS colophony made the moulding company Auhagen GmbH of Marienberg change a car to the component. But moustache often appears to imprint on the part that makes so with warp, and ABS makes component surface very not smooth. Be based on these reasons, company of Auhagen Und Schirmer and company of Ter Hell Plastic GmbH cooperate to serve as the substitute of ABS in order to seek a kind of new-style data.