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Haing Bo courtyard rolls out gas cylinder of development success CNG
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Heilongjiang visited office of science and technology recently, finished academies of pair of Harbin glass reinforced plastics to tackle key problem project composite material compresses natural gas (CNG) gas cylinder develops check and accept. This project of research and development of haing Bo courtyard solved CNG gas cylinder, housing tightens the crucial technology such as pressure design and colophony recipe design beforehand, finished colophony recipe implementation of all raw material is homebred change reach finalize the design the job, built mechanical computation model, decided fiber twines the craft parameter of structure of angle, lay up, began blow up, craft sex experiment and vibration and fatigue function research, the design made two work twister of computer control fiber, formed the product line of miniature productivity, this technology still can get relevant applying in national defence domain. Our country is the country of lean oil rich energy of life, no matter be the sources of energy reasonable use, still improve the need of air quality, popularize car burning gas to have very important sense energetically. Popularize double fuel car to be able to reduce the pollution that car tail gas causes to the environment greatly, the composite material gas cylinder that lades on clean car is the new material product of emerge as the times require. Original of all kinds gas cylinder is basic it is metallic gas cylinder, and gas cylinder of CNG of new-style composite material has good carrying capacity, sealing, caustic, security, can reduce already the sources of energy is used up and the fragment won't arise when charge, explosion, what will make metallic gas cylinder is optimal replace article.