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Bundlers - performance wide use packaging machinery
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Binder is the strap around package, complete the banding operation of the machine. Banding is to prevent scattered and lost items, easy to transport and storage. Binder broad range of applications, almost all industry products used in packaging. Binder variety, type, lot size, generally can be classified as follows: (1) by strapping material classification ① plastic band strapping. It is used for medium and small weight of the box in the strapping. Is mainly used in polypropylene plastic with a belt, there are nylon belt, polyester belt. ② steel strapping. It uses steel as a binding material, due to high strength steel, mainly used for heavy, large crates. (2) by fitting way classification ① welding-type strapping. Plastic with easy-to-heat due to melting, it is more fitting for plastic tape. According to heat in different ways, is divided into electric welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding, pulse welding and so on. ② Snap-on strapping. It uses a proprietary connector buckle, the straps firmly embedded in the joint clamp, used for steel. (3) classified by structural characteristics ① Basic Binder. It is applicable to various industries Binder, the table height for standing operations. Used for strapping medium and small packages, such as cardboard boxes, Gaisu boxes, books and so on. ② side mounted strapping. The joint part of the banding in the side of the package, the table is lower. Pollution is greater for large or strapping packages, if the added anti-rust treatment, tied aquatic products, pickled products; if additional dust control measures, more dust can be bundled package. ③ pressure strapping. For leather, paper products, knitted cotton and other soft, flexible products, to make tied tight, pressure must be pressed after the strapping. Way of pneumatic and hydraulic pressure both. ④ opening and closing track of bundlers. Framework can be track tape it horizontally or vertically in the open and close, easy to package a variety of cylindrical or ring into pieces, and later tied closed orbit. ⑤ level track strapping. Its orbit is horizontal arrangement of tape on the package tied to the horizontal direction. It applies to packages such as the horizontal pallet strapping. ⑥ hand strapping. Placed on top of the general package, when the tape surrounded the package around, the aircraft will be used to lock tension strap. It uses manual operating, light and flexible. (4) classification by the degree of automation ① Manual Binder. Tied to rely on manual operation to achieve lock, the use of plastic straps. It is simple, lightweight, suitable for larger or small packages of bundled quantities. ② semi-automatic strapping machine. Package with a delivery device will be sent to the strapping station, and then tape wrapped packages manually, and finally fixed the straps taut. Lower the work surface it is very suitable for large packages of the bundle. ③ Automatic strapping machine. Track tape in the frame above the table, when the package into the strapping station, that is automatically sent with the wrapping, pull the belt tight band, fixed cutting and other processes. The framework of a fixed track tape machine, the general size for a single, large quantities of bundled packages. Bundled, the packages have to rely on the movement and turned manually. ④ automatic strapping machine. Unmanned aircraft and assisted in the case of all the bundled automatically scheduled process, including the movement and steering package, suitable for strapping packages in large quantities.