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Paper tastes the heal that pack to choose and use the current situation of glue
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, paper tastes those who pack kind of heal glue to use the current situation

A lot of enterprises that pack (include a few presswork largely the enterprise that pack) , they are adept to pressworking, but it is insufficient to the understanding of heal glue, a lot of blind is on choice and use heal glue even, also from this and to each the enterprise that pack brought huge loss and waste. "Stick it is difficult to receive " a when became a worry to pack an enterprise each ghostliness, let every pack almost presswork the enterprise feels have a headache.

Actually, want to had chosen only, use good adhesive, "Stick it is difficult to receive " the problem can be solved completely. Sum up the experience lesson of the numerous enterprise that pack, its problem goes almost in " choice, use " these two link, to let numerous pursue technical job, quality management, the person of the same trade that supplies the job understands heal glue morely, let " stick it is difficult to receive " become " stick receive easy " , by " afraid glue " to " be at ease glue " , my department wrote this article, with period the quality level that discusses heal glue jointly with domestic person of the same trade and use method, the prosperity that packs an industry for our country makes our contribution.

2, the choice that paper tastes heal glue

1, understand application characteristics

Glue of any a kind of heal are not all-purpose, glue of a kind of heal can suit some to plant only or some kind specific material be stickinged. A few enterprises that pack are being held in the arms " try " psychology uses gum blindly, wasted time already, energy, still cause very big loss. Each pack an enterprise to often stick received base material to have BOPP commonly now (biaxial stretching polypropylene film) ∕ paper, burnish ∕ paper, PET (polyester film) ∕ paper, paper of ∕ of paper of Gao Guangyin category, what actually this kind of product needs me to manage only is muti_function paper / model heal glue, this kind of glue can get used to above the overall demand with a few kinds of qualitative material, and each pack an enterprise the product of 98% above is above a few kinds of material. Additionally still some of enterprise that pack has film / of film stick accept a demand, what can manage with me is muti_function model / model heal glue, it is divided can use at film / film is stuck outside receiving, BOPP/ paper, burnish / paper, PET/ paper, paper of Gao Guangyin category / paper, but this kind of product can be used at be being stuck by hand to receive only. Rise integratedly, two kinds of products basically can satisfy above to presswork each of the enterprise that pack stick entirely accept a demand, be like paper of PVC/ paper, PVC/ wood, UV/ to wait except special requirement, these products can choose me to manage the glue of other model will solve.

2, quality standard

Besides understanding item characteristics, still get the quality that knows this product. Glue of any a kind of heal, have certain chemical level, and chemical standard is will decide by recipe and craft, a kind of good chemical standard must reflect good physical level (apply a standard namely) , the physical standard that we think the industry that pack is the most essential (apply a standard) for: A, stick receive strength (adherent sex) ; B, high temperature resistant quality; C, be able to bear or endure microtherm sex; D, humidity sex; E, hold agglutinant. Home a lot of stick packing that what the industry appears receive not firm, or the place inside period of time sticks film of received product come unglued, glue hair is fragile waiting basically is above a few kinds of circumstances (except stick receive technology unreasonable outside) , often hear so a few presswork person of the same trade of the enterprise that pack says " some glue hot weather wants degum, some glue cold weather wants degum, the time that no matter Leng Tian, hot weather is deposited,has some of glue does not grow namely " , actually this is be caused by of to how choose and using heal gum not deep knowledge, more serious is to manufacturing him company of glue of a few heal does not know why to want degum, how devise a recipe from the special requirement of the industry that pack, make craft and development product. So, appear in use process quality problem is no wonder.
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