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Shan head is plastic goods annual produce 30 billion
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In successive years comes model of international, home changes house of raw material price not to fall high, for Shan head the development with reworked plastics, plastic modified created good opportunity. The reporter learned from concerned respect recently: Through development of more than 20 years, shan head has become the throughout the country very special very main plastic product produces distribution centre. Every annual produce obtains plastic products company 30 billion yuan, emerge in large numbers one large quantities of is in international, inland and market of HongKong and Macow are quite active, influential of force abandon company of supplier of plastic, reworked plastics, trafficker and production, make the reworked plastics market of Shan head is in decisive position in the whole nation.

Current, domestic major reworked plastics centers an area to abandon be imported plasticly and reclaim form do not become dimensions, what assure high grade raw material hard is effective and long-term supply; Reworked plastics, modified is plastic product class is inferior, technical equipment is backward, form the state that cooperates with division of labour effectively hard. However, shan head plastic industry has formed reworked plastics, modified industrialization chain, from useless plastic entrance, reclaim, tear apart, classify, go to bead, distributing center wait for each to cooperate with division of labour to form industrial dominant position. In the meantime, specialization rate is high, manufacturing technology level is banner, industrial group is giant, greatly small company has 3, 4000, dimensions above enterprise has nearly 1000; Partial enterprise begins to trying to establish the industry standard with reworked plastics, plastic modified stage by stage, for reworked plastics, modified plastic march toward standardization found. Additional as we have learned, at present the plastic toy of Shan head already became a of China and even world main production base, annual produce 15 billion yuan, the sound of Shan head resembles goods annual produce 8 billion yuan, plastic flower, braid cloth annual produce nearly 2 billion yuan, annual produce of the filmy material that pack 1 billion multivariate, annual produce of plastic office stationery many yuan 20, plastic products annual produce also is in daily expense 1 billion yuan of above. According to more complete count, area of Shan head He Yuedong is actual now reworked plastics is in year of demand 150 control to 1.8 million tons, take consumption of our country reworked plastics about 20% , occupy the whole nation to abandon plastic year of import volume 40% .

Face this to be done make big development new turning point by force, appeal of a man of insight: Plastic industry ought to capture the reworked plastics of Shan head, modified closely good luck, innovation reworked plastics, modified is plastic sale new pattern, promote the product to countrywide market by this locality market. In the meantime, active and active normalization is managed, increase class of product technology quality, carry high yield to taste additional cost, roll out the market with the figure of industrial whole, attract domestic and international more suppliers and purchase business.
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