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Environment of domestic ISO 14001 manages systematic attestation how to much kno
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Standard of ISO 14000 series includes: 7 respects such as the environmental index inside opinion of behavior of mark of examine and verify of environmental management system, environment, environment, environment, lifecycle evaluation, term and definition and product standard. The enterprise obtains ISO 14001 attestation is the important way that enhances product environment competition ability.

Our country held water 1995 " committee of technique of Chinese environment management " , at the beginning of 1996, total bureau of national environmental protection held water " center of examine and verify of environmental management system " , standard of ISO 14000 series was equal in October 1996 level of translate into state.

Obtain ISO14001 (namely environmental management system) attestation, can establish the good figure of the enterprise, can raise market admittance rate, can drive industry technology progress, OK and energy-saving fall bad news, reduce cost, can raise business management level, altogether, obtain ISO14001 attestation, can enhance the market competition ability of the enterprise, enhance the product environment competition ability of the enterprise thereby.

Up to by September 2001, the whole nation already had 836 of all kinds organizations to obtain ISO14001 standard attestation. Compare with near 500 photographs by 2000 with more than 200 by 1999, the amount of of all kinds organization that our country acquires ISO14001 attestation had again substantially increase, but development is very lopsided. Distributing from the industry look, main concentration is in electron and enterprise of communication equipment manufacturing industry, they occupy 71 % , mechanical industry occupies 7 % , the others is the industry such as chemical raw material and chemical, metalloid goods, coal, social welfare to occupy 5 % to be less than each; Distributing from district look, area of the eastpart part occupies 75 % , center-west region occupies 25 % only; Look from enterprise type, joint-stock occupy with solely invested enterprise 3/4, state-owned company and civilian battalion enterprise are occupied only 1/4.

Environmental sign says again " zoology indicates " , " green indicates " , be one kind pressworks or stickup the label in product or bag mount. It is the diploma that grants to concerned manufacturer by government sector or communal, private orgnaization, prove its product not only quality is eligible, and producing, use reach deal with specific environmental protection requirement also is accorded with in waiting for a process, with congener product photograph comparing has pair of human body health or zoology environment is done not have or have only slight harm, or the second birth that is helpful for resource and reclaim use wait for an advantage. From 1978 France is used first " blue angel " the mark begins, the whole world already had 50 many countries to implement environmental sign system, if the United States is carried out " system of green lot order " , Japan is carried out " zoology sign system " .
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