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Our country packs general situation of equipment line of business and brand expl
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Our at present most critical issue introduces the computer to emulate design technology namely. Germany is accelerated ceaselessly to make new product develops rate, package machine design used the computer generally already to emulate a technology, be about to all sorts of machine elements stock the computer with the database, design personnel calls all sorts of machines directly according to the requirement 0, after component parameter undertakes designing, the computer can be synthesized automatically for three-dimensional model. Lose the data when actual production and quota again go in, the breakdown that produces all sorts of likelihoods is defeated go in, the computer is three-dimensional model can real work circumstance undertakes according to operation, how much is demonstrating a productivity that can you achieve? How many does reject have? Whether can each link match product line production, is bottleneck in where? Make client basis shows the picture that shows on screen and curvilinear be clear at a glance, can revise a model according to the client's opinion. Computer resultant velocity is very fast, because this revises the job to go to the lavatory quickly, until make client or architect satisfactory. Use the computer to emulate design technology, shortened greatly the development design of package machine is periodic.

Additional, industrial developed country made a respect already accumulated a lot of successful experience in package machine: The United States the package machine be good at with Electromechanical unifinication, germany precedes with metric package machine at the world, and Japan is good at controlling a technology at using personal computer in the control at packer. So, we can draw lessons from their experience and technology conciously when design and making equipment, increase the capacity of oneself thereby, the product that turns to make difference provides intellective support.