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Print China 2007: How much does craft of innovation of sea heart fort know
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150 come for years, hai Debao pressworks mechanical joint-stock company offers ceaseless innovation for global print not only, banner technology and equipment, it is unremitting ground devotes oneself to to presswork more the innovation application of craft. Today, company of sea heart fort is in of advanced sex of the technology, solution Promethean with integrality, printer art the respect such as creativity, it is printer line of business of be worthy of get military thing. In April 2007 China (Guangdong) international pressworks on technical exhibition, hai Debao with " without seam join, success did not come " for the theme, besides for Chinese user people offer the wonderful solution that goes up to measure a body to have something made to order for the enterprise besides, the printer that returns a spirit of numerous and rich innovation art bring all print the colleague, be Chinese print fly help strength!

Presswork the solution is jumping-off place

2000, company of sea heart fort first with print exclusive, the figure of supplier of omnibus unifinication solution appears in Delubabo to see on the meeting, caused the sensation of industry, also got global user people extensive reputably. Of China presswork the enterprise also is begin to contact Haidebao to presswork from at that time the concept of the solution, in these 7 years, we discover gladly, a few companies are new to new idea of the technology admit the thinking that holds bold lead concurrently with application and rational and long-term program, gained remarkable success and good development momentum accordingly. Today, hai Debao holds to with pressworking uniquely the solution is jumping-off place, dedicate sincerely for everybody the printer of all sorts of innovation art, help everybody disentomb new market opportunity, of expectation China presswork the company goes more dovishly on the road that development expands.

After the demand of user of China of deep experience and observe, hai Debao is exhibited in current Dongguan commerce basically exhibits to presswork on the meeting the solution, solution that pack, large trade pressworks solution and function imprint formidably a center. Below, we will be everybody brief introduction Haidebao is how to apply whole set solution to undertake the spot lives those who demonstrate.

Presswork in commerce in solution zone, hai Debao showed new technology centrally is how to promote black-and-white of short edition of octavo width of cloth, the concept of the solution is perforative in whole work in demonstrated process. It is with the theme " different type adds net means to compare " placard is exemple: This exercise is imprinted by Haidebao bully PM52 4 lubricious machine bear imprint, imprint into 5 kinds of design via taking paper twice, and by Paula the wave that first assembly helps Shanghai factory the treatment after 115XC paper cutting machine is in charge of imprinting. At first sight, the thing of the be totally unrelated such as bottle of still life of this placard general, heavy machinery and scenery photography gathers, unimaginably queer making a person. However, go up in a such ordinary prospectus namely, unexpectedly shirt-sleeve imprint connect 350Lpi to mix increase a net, imprint connect 150Lpi amplitude modulation to add net and imprint connect Stochastic frequency modulation to impose 3 kinds of kind increasing a net such as the net -- this is pressworking commonly is unthinkable in the concept! Use a variety of means that increase a net at the same time, should be attributed to long the Haidebao of negative great reputation exceeds bully the computer is direct Suprasetter 105 of plate making machine. Supporting formidably because of what had the technology before imprinting, imprint bully PM52 just be able to the colour of bottle and burnish, will mechanical massiness and simple sense are the same as the natural beautiful scenery in the garden to all heart now simultaneously between, take again hold properly! Face the task of so tall difficulty, include to imprint a working flow, super- bully the computer is direct plate making machine, imprint bully the Hai Debao business that PM52, wave helps 115XC paper cutting machine wait inside pressworks the solution can exert work force incisively and vividly. Just think, if do not have these hardware and software to each doing his own job,the unifinication that finish is produced, we are afraid want to miss such world high-quality goods apprentice to add a regret. Fort of heart of this since sea pressworks perfect collective appears on science and technology, reveal again go to sea the equipment that heart fort assembles in China acceded likewise international tip level, brought good news to Chinese user!
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