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The ABC that pack and price are formulary
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A. White paper kind---Common white paper, copy paper, crepe paper wait

B. Bleb paper / the cloth with soft nap that protect interest / sponge / pearl cotton

C. Carton kind---White box, brown box, colour box

D. Polybag---PP, PE, OPP, PVC, PVA, contractive film (PE, PP)

E. Other kind pack

Of the product pack the main component that is a product, it has protective effect in carriage process not only, and the integrated character that matters to a product directly. Reach for the our commonly used material that pack below pack:

2, commonly used pack

(one) inner packing

⑴ polybag: American line asks to heat up heal commonly, material pledges the PE that is high pressure expects; Unless the client has,appoint a requirement, do not allow to expect with PP otherwise.

⑵ OPP bag: Diaphaneity is good, but belong to brittleness, easy burst, multi-purpose wait for a product at candle young toy pack, european line guest often asks.

⑶ colour box: Cent to have variety of rows of tiles on a roof the box is mixed without box of colour of rows of tiles on a roof.

⑷ is common and brown box of rows of tiles on a roof: It is box of 3 rows of tiles on a roof and box of 5 rows of tiles on a roof commonly usedly, after the product has been packed, want to use adhesive plaster seal commonly.

⑸ white box: Can divide to have rows of tiles on a roof (3 layer or 5) white box and without white box of rows of tiles on a roof, adhesive plaster seal should be used commonly after the product is packed.

⑹ shows a case: Wash with watercolors cast VC of 鳳 of  of school of contest of reason of  of bite of coerce of  of Tao of  of toot unoccupied place Bo is built reveal a box to wait, can see the product inside the box that pack intuitionisticly through should be being packed.

⑺ polybag elevator: Weigh PBH commonly.

⑻ sucks model card: Blister Card, abbreviation BC.

⑼ PVC box or PVC bucket.

⑽ contractive film; Also call shrink film, the product such as young toy, candle is packed with this kind more.

⑾ hangs card.

⑿ egg lies between a box.

⒀ carries card on the back.

⒁ gift box; Multi-purpose wait for a product at headgear, stationery pack, sort is more.

⒂ other.

(2) in pack

Basically polybag and box of rows of tiles on a roof are packed, sort of box of rows of tiles on a roof basically has FOL, TUCK TOP BOX to wait.

(3) outer packing

Export paper box with foreign trade commonly, box of 5 rows of tiles on a roof, rows of tiles on a roof basically uses B/C watt. Formula of box price computation is outside:

(long wide 8) / 100 X (is wide every square of tall 6)/100 X is monovalent.

Among them long, wide, tall unit all is CM, exemple the dimension of the box outside be like is 60 X 30 X 40 CM, criterion the price is
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