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Cement packs bag of quality to not allow to ignore
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In recent years, because the prosperity of bldg. and cement produce the progress of craft, promoted the development of cement company. Cement company takes the quality of cement product seriously more and more, the cement that regards cement product whole as one part however packs the quality of bag to make a person anxious however. Cement company takes the quality of cement seriously generally and despise cement to pack the quality of bag. Accordingly, of the cement bag bagging that does not accord with standard requirement use ban repeatedly more than.

The standard packs the quality of bag to ask to cement

GB9774, 2002 " cement wraps bagging " standard regulation: Cement packs bag of cent to be 3 kinds: Model of paper bag, answer film organizes bag and compound bag. In carrying use process as a result of paper bag easy damaged, because this is in company of our region cement,already abandoned basically need not; Answer film model is made up bag -- , by answer film plastic the cement that braids cloth to make wraps bagging (include liner paper) ; Compound bag -- , the cement that waits to be made for raw material by composite material wraps bagging (include liner paper) . The standard packs the quality of bag to have strict regulation to cement, above all, the bagging that place of the cement bag that pack uses answers cement function harmless, cement wraps bagging to should make sure cement is in keep in storage, carriage process, must not interfuse of benefit of be affected with damp be affected with damp is sundry, this is the requirement that assures a respect to the quality of cement. Next, cement wraps bagging to should accord with the quality of relevant data to ask, this is the quality requirement that includes field of bagging performance characteristics to cement.

The quality current situation that cement packs nots allow hopeful

Cement company is average oneself do not produce the bag that pack, it is for the most part produce an enterprise to machine by the bag that pack, finished product bag is supplied after pressworking. Because make bulk of bag company scale of production differ, manufacturing facilities, technology is endless and same, accordingly, quality of product of the bag that pack is mostly uneven. Major this locality makes bag business scale small, equipment is pallet, the cement bag bagging that production gives and standard requirement still have certain difference. The quality problem of the cement bag that pack basically reflects in the following respects:

The exterior of the cement bag that pack and presswork half of label stand or fall

Cement company must carry out manufacturing licence, in a lot of companies that acquire manufacturing license, again majority passed the quality system attestation such as IS09000. Because had quality guarantee system of the system, what these enterprises use commonly is to accord with the answer film model of standard requirement to organize bag and compound bag, cleanness of exterior of the bag that pack is orderly, presswork clear, the label is complete and accord with a requirement. And the cement that place of company of sludge of a few urine uses wraps bagging is the inferior bag bagging that abandons old stuff production with mix into more very, light and feel is thin, color is gray or yellow, tailor is coarse, slur, the label is not complete, a lot of bags produce code name of license number, executive standard to be done not have repeatedly on bagging. The company that has close half the number did not indicate on the bag that pack make bag company plant name, the site of factory and pack use temperature.
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