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How does industry of our country package machine cast off entrance support
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While as our country the industry that pack grows quickly, standard of package machine industry still is in low paper phase, package machine of only corrugated box has with a few small-sized packer certain dimensions and advantage are had in home outside, the packing whole set of equipment with a few high content still for a time support abroad entrance will satisfy inside need. Phenomenon of this kind of excessive support, restrict our country badly already to pack industrial abidance, steady progress, also make a few package machine companies of domestic that do not have competition ability are in endangered circumstances. Accordingly, the expert points out, the low-level development of package machine will affect the rapid development of the whole industry that pack, must change its hard so backward state.

Our country package machine starts later, through 20 old development, our country package machine already made one of 10 large trades in machinist job, for the our country industry that pack rapid development provided effective safeguard, fill of some package machine home is blank, already can satisfy the requirement of home market basically, partial product still has export. But be in at present, 5% what our country package machine exports the forehead to still be not worth total production value, entrance forehead comparatives in the main with total production value however, go with developed country photograph very far.

The problem that manufacturing industry of our country package machine exists is: One lack is macroscopical make overall plans; 2 it is devoid capital investment, the investment that the enterprise uses at research and development holds sale average level is less than 1% ; 3 it is personnel of devoid major technology.

Compare with developed country photograph, main show is in the product of industry of our country package machine and technical gap the following respects:

Look from product structure, breed of our country package machine has 1300 only a variety of, amount of form a complete set is little, lack high accuracy and large change produce a product, cannot satisfy market demand: Expression of product quality difference is in product function is low, modelling of stability and dependability difference, exterior not beautiful, finishing is coarse, make difference of yuan of many quality of parts of an apparatus, life weak point, dependability is low, affected the quality of integral product; Look from company condition, industry of domestic package machine fails bibcock company, scale of production the company with high class of big, product is not much; From the product development looks, our country stays basically still in the test to be modelled on level, develop ability to lose by oneself, base tries in lacking scientific research to produce, scientific research funds occupies the 1 % of sale only, and abroad is as high as 8 % ~ 10 % .

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