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Standard of package machine safety publishs American new edition
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Alindu, virginia - production association PMMI published American package machine to be aimed at newly at packing and the safe level that packs relevant treatment machine. This version after editing regards American country as the standard and pass, and with international (ISO) with Europe (EN) standard photograph is consistent, it included to discerning risk, analytic accident damage evaluates methodological introduction to person and the risk that achieve the risk that can accept rate. The requirement of this standard applies at new, reform or rebuild use a service at the first, the 2nd has industry and commercial use package machine that reachs tertiary industy. This standard was described in package machine it is dangerous to discern in whole lifecycle, evaluate risk and go to risk bring down the process that can accept a level.

Fred Hayes, PMMI technology serves department manager, statement " no matter the supplier of package machine or user are in,reach acceptable risk range, although be in the whole lifecycle of package machine,the duty of supplier and user differs, but they are used same the risk evaluates a program. Alone inside its respective job territory or supplier and user are collective discern risk, evaluate and bring down risk arrives the level that can accept. " this version is integrated ISO12100 the 1st pass an imperial examination 2 parts, the requirement of ISO14121 and American standard. Achieve ANSI/PMMI B155.1 - the supplier of 2006 requirements should comply with standard of these 3 ISO. This will conduce to the requirement that achieves CE attestation.

Hayes complement says " make international (ISO) , europe and the act with ANSI/PMMI uniform standard are to be manufacturer to achieve ' a standard, a consistent assessment, apply to world each district ' state. The B155.1 standard after revising provides the guide of a when can carry out the risk that recommends a gender to evaluate real world for package machine manufacturer, final help manufacturer is built more safety and the machine that have those who manufacture efficiency to be able to export a whole world more. " in 34 years in the past, PMMI by association of American state level (ANSI) approbates what trust to be worth " the standard develops an organization " (SDO) . Because be on corresponding process and balance with ANSI " essential requirement " conform to closes, the standard of PMMI develops a program to be passed by ANSI. The first version of PMMI B155.1 standard was passed by association of American state level 1973.

The standard of 2006 version, namely version of the 5th castigatory is passed by board of directors of ANSI standard examination, since beginning, experience most the revised edition of materiality this. Final version included to come from whole package machine to supply the comment of the 28 industry professional of catenary. Hayes points out " we achieved a kind of fab level to feel very glad to discussing in the light of the industry that the version this year has. This record - the kill that sets industrial success is a kind of initiative safe level, it supported industry of global package machine truly. It supported industry of global package machine truly..
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