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Uncover close company to increase the line of efficiency, managing cost
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Time is business chance, reduce expenditure is a source namely, most intense to market competition retail industry especially such. So everybody produces tasted choice to go up to want to have efficient productivity not simply in office, at the same time even cogent and effective cost controls capacity. One of precede person that A group regards the hairdressing inside retail trade as the market, have many tell a firm that spends a brand higher not exceptional also.

When some branch was choosing southeast Asia of group of the A at the beginning of 2004 to manage fair facility, put forward to ask as follows: Have convenient fax group black and white output, departmental door uses color of hair function, tall qualitative high-speed electron of cost control ability, file is changed reach send a function. The course chooses beautiful can digital color IRC3200N begins compound plane fax of the company since the burden, color is printed and scanning is sent wait for multinomial job, obtained remarkable result: The fax is time-consuming reduced 4 times, the chromatic manuscript efficiency that print rose 300% , statistic of the chromatic charge that print and control are able to come true, paper uses up the transmitting efficiency that was reduced and improved information.

"Fax group of hair functions to cost the fax reduced 4 times "

As a transnational corporation, each branch inside the group needs to send fax file often to give supplier and client. This job that should have everyday is not simple, need of a fax is relapsed to send ability for many times to finish send the mission to many faxes address. This affects the enthusiasm of employee not only, those who restrict office efficiency is return to rise on certain level.

So now circumstance how? To this, this company staff gave out to reply flatly: "The one key-press hitting formula that passes group of true hair functions to make we can pass IRC3200N sends same share document at the same time to many addresses, the fax is time-consuming reduced 4 times, greatly managing the time of this job. " at the same time, beautiful can the technical personnel of the company also says: "IRC3200N is had those who initiate a gender is multivariate send a function, be in through storing many faxes address IRC3200N address is thin in the function of a group, whole group can be regarded as an address, make the user needs to choose to be able to give many addresses facsimile transmission only. After graph article the data scans, can fax with email, Internet (I-FAX) , a variety of means hair such as SuperG3 fax are gone to different terminal. After graph article the data scans, can fax with email, Internet (I-FAX) , a variety of means hair such as SuperG3 fax are gone to different terminal..

"32 pages / minute the rate that print improved the chromatic manuscript efficiency that print 300% "

In commercial market of prosperity, some branch often can print A group southeast Asia a lot of color documentation, in order to undertake the conference is published, or executive product grooms, or new product is registered in food and medicaments management department. The printer previously is minutely the output that has 10 pages only, too slow, cannot suit the company demand to printout well.
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