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Jumped over equipment of machinery of austral border industry and raw material e
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Equipment of machinery of Vietnam international industry reached VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ON INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY of raw material exhibition 2008, EQUIPMENT ' time of 2008 invitation letter: 10-14 day ground nodded in December 2008: Bright city international shows Vietnam introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad sign center (HIECC)

Time: 10Th- 14ThDecember 2008 Venue: Hiecc, hochiminh City, vietnam

Sponsor an unit: Vietnam industry ministry (department of trade of nation of MOI) Vietnam (ministry of MOT) Vietnam science and technology (chamber of commerce of industry of MOST) Vietnam nation (municipal government of VCCI) Hu Zhiming (HCMC) supports an unit: Vietnam trade stimulative bureau (association of project of machine of VIETTRADE) Vietnam (VIASME) association of Vietnam machine industry (VAMI) association of Vietnam foreign capital (total bureau of quality inspection of VAFIE) Vietnam standard (STAMEQ) undertakes unit: Vietnam country advertisement reads extensively company (VIETFAIR) China assist do: Guangxi world is exhibited read extensively limited company (GXIEX)---Chinese area always shows limited company via international in the representative (CMICEX) Guangxi can exhibit unit of guild collaboration: The website just cooperates in of federation of a replacement of car of heavy diesel oil of entrance of Japan of federation of fittings of machine of project of Chinese heavy-duty car: Mechanically-laid web jumps over in ( Guangxi world exhibits read extensively net ( Vietnam government website: The professional platform of market of development Vietnam of mechanical product of China - -- east the powerful dominant position that the bridgehead of alliance trade division develops Chinese mechanical product, march the gold period of Vietnam market! Vietnam---The market Vietnam that industry of Asian mechanical equipment has development latent capacity most is badly in need of a large number of mechanical equipment in domain of industry, bldg. , manufacturing industry! ※ postpones meeting brief introduction: Vietnam socialism republic is located in in south peninsula east side, north and our country Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yunnan saves border on. Land area makes an appointment with kilometer of 330 thousand square, population is made an appointment with 87 million. Present Vietnam is the country with the rapiddest development of economy of southeast Asia region, also be next to China in Asian area. Be in an innovation to open, economy grows period quickly. Since joining WTO, the pace that Vietnam blends in world economy to encircle is faster and faster, transforming to industrial state of distribution centre of world manufacturing industry by a traditional agricultural country, present Vietnam economy grows level and close of China of 90 time medium-term, industry, bldg. , manufacturing industry by medium or small transfer to large project. Vietnam government has been prevented in the sea, inside the river, Hu Zhiming city developed burgeoning industrial district, prevent the sea city to had been set for the special economic zone. Vietnam innovation is open, development economy, enlarge industry, manufacturing industry and the requirement that accelerate each respect such as urban construction, the industry with urgent many and advanced need, manufacturing industry and foundation build job machine facility, but industry of Vietnam homeland base starts later, cannot satisfy the requirement of home market at all, so the demand of Vietnam machinery equipment imports the dependence with very large presence to abroad. In the meantime, vietnam government has realized industrialization and modern value, had planned investment to import entrance of equipment of many abroad advanced machinery and sphere of executive machinery equipment, each favourable policy such as transfer of technology. Attract the excellent facilities that take weapon to export to be increased further to Vietnam, accelerate Vietnam to innovate open pace, vietnam government is handed in sponsor by Vietnam industry ministry " equipment of machinery of Vietnam international industry and raw material exhibition " , vietnam country advertisement reads extensively company (VIETFAIR) undertakes. Should exhibit can be annual industry of equipment of Vietnam industry machinery specializations the exhibition with top rate, it is the good platform that manufacturer of foreign mechanical equipment enters Vietnam market. Equipment of machinery of industry of 2008 Vietnam international and raw material are exhibited exhibit an area to will exceed 6000 ㎡, the country exhibits an area to will have: Vietnam, china, russia, korea, 160 Czech ginseng that come from 10 countries and area postpone business, exhibit respectively the most advanced equipment and technical product! Chinese machinery makes a manufacturer enter Vietnam market to face rare historical opportunity: As 2004 China and east alliance " 10 + 1 " mutually beneficial agreement is formal become effective, of Asian unifinication process accelerate, this means a population to exceed 1.8 billion, economic total value amounts to the 2.4 trillion dollar, China that basically comprises by the developing country -- east alliance free-trade area is formed stage by stage. And Chinese government creates division of economy of bay of wide northwest ministry at was being approved 2007, this mark is worn an area amounts to kilometer of forty-two thousand five hundred square, population 12.55 million, china is current region of much trifling of the biggest international, home demonstrates completely of the area hold water formally. Area of upper bay economy basically is faced external east alliance, basically serve southwest internally capacious hinterland. Area of economy of whole and upper bay plans come on stage, be opposite with China east the strategy of alliance policy thinks inseparable. This is sure to accelerate the economic confluence of the southeast Asia country such as China and Vietnam, this shows, vietnam not only it is a terminal sale market that has latent capacity extremely, more Chinese enterprise steps door going abroad, enter successfully east the first pace of alliance market. Vietnam market appears level to having very powerful demand to all sorts of mechanical equipment, in order to accelerate construction of society, economy. But be faced with Euramerican machinery at the same time equipment price is high, cost of maintenance, conserve is high, produce the characteristic with fittings big dependence formerly, because this is pressing hope entrance is many and advanced and price moderate, safeguard, the mechanical equipment with daily convenient conserve, and China produces mechanical equipment " cheap and fine " , practical stronger, and with Vietnam border on, personnel come-and-go is convenient, freightage cost is lower characteristic, be Chinese mechanical equipment those who enter Vietnam market is optimal cut a point. On the exhibition of equipment of machinery of industry of more austral 2007 border that in us the organization enters, chinese ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be in exhibit be paid close attention to on the meeting by huge, ginseng exhibit a product to involve project construction machinery, food is machinery of machine tool, motivation, mechanical, bearing and fittings, spin is rubber-plastic and mechanical, metallic treatment machinery, mechanical, chemical machinery, each domain such as forestry machinery, a lot of Vietnam clients come round to exhibit in succession go up to negotiate with Chinese enterprise, chinese mechanical product is sold on the spot and obtain order for goods, some companies had been successive a few ginseng are exhibited, obtained very favorable result, signed a lot of commerce contracts, already infiltrated the product successfully Vietnam market. Join the old client that has exhibited to have: Guangdong estate a person of extraordinary powers is mechanical production limited company, long treat equipment of machinery of v of city star harding iron to make limited company, Jiangsu limited company of equipment of electrician of limited company of machinery of Jin Shuangli motivation, Shanghai southern Asia, Zhejiang saves limited company of imports and exports of whole set of equipment, without stannum 5 smelt metal weigh project machine. ※ previous term or session jumped over equipment of machinery of austral border industry and data of statistic of raw material exhibition 2007: Show net area: 5000 many square metre; Exhibit digit to measure: 250 standards are exhibited; Join the scale that postpone business: 60% abroad enterprise, state of 40% home company exhibits an area: China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Russia, Pakistan. Audience of professional business affairs: 7000 people, the person that the public looks around: 10500 people; Clinch a deal amount: Audience of major of 60 million U.S. dollor forms scale analysis: 4 days of exhibition period share 17000 much person-time to look around; 90% above ginseng exhibits an enterprise through joining found buy the home and appropriate agent; Clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 60 million dollar, intent clinchs a deal the forehead amounts to 30 million dollar. And anticipate exhibition of machinery of industry of current Vietnam international will exceed more than 200 ginseng to exhibit an enterprise reach more than 20000 industry wife person looks around. We believe the industry that faces an a market that needs development, major is mechanical exhibition, calm meeting becomes Chinese each enterprise, each machinery to create the good opportunity that reachs a supplier to enter Vietnam market.
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