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Machine tool of international of the 6th Jiangsu reachs industry pattern exhibit
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Exposition of industry of 2009 Jiangsu international, the brand exhibits machine tool of the 6th Jiangsu international and industry pattern exhibition

In March 2009 17, international of Nanjing of 19 days of ● exhibits a center (Long Pan road 88)

Support an unit: Federation of aid of Chinese labour alreadyMedia support: China mechanically-laid web " mould production industry " net of machine tool of China of commission of trade of Jiangsu province economy " international mould industry " Nanjing city can extend network of mould of trade office China " market of numerical control machine tool "Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves mechanically-laid web of China of mechanical industry association " mould industry market conditions " Jiangsu visits machine tool head office net of beautiful labour Electromechanical " the metal machines the world " hurried of China International trade meets expert of Nanjing branch machinery net " machinery and mould " net of machine tool of numerical control of China of chamber of commerce of Nanjing of China International chamber of commerce " : Net of business of machine tool of China of of limited company of machine tool of Nanjing numerical control " contemporary mould " the 2nd machine tool of Nanjing factory net of business affairs of numerical control of China of limited company " contemporary machine tool " metal of China of association of industry of Nanjing city mould machines a net " mould industry " Jiangsu province is light industrial net of treatment of association international metal " mould market "Undertake unit: Plastic pattern of China of of limited company of Nanjing phoenix exhibition has net of net international mouldAbroad action business: Many 200 media such as website of cutting tool of China of of limited company of exhibition of Hong Kong Gao Wei- introductive Exhibited 2008 can reviewLimited company of Nanjing phoenix exhibition held 2008 " Jiangsu international machine tool and industry pattern exhibition " have come from Taiwan of the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, China, inland nearly 400 ginseng postpone business, exhibited more than 1000 equipment, attend a meeting major buys the home and audience 35000 much person-time, exhibit what can get the medium such as many 200 professional magazine, website to support energetically popularize with conduct propaganda, join the satisfaction that exhibits business to be met to be being exhibited this to spend achieve 95% above, it is Nanjing scale is the largest in recent years, the pattern of machine tool industry with the highest, professional best organization that buy the home exhibits class. Market prospect The manufacturing industry development of our country is rapid, jiangsu province is known as " world manufacturing industry machines base " , the mechanical manufacturing industry of and other places of port of city of hill of lake of circumjacent Hefei, overgrown with weeds, saddle, Chu, mussel relatively develop; Car and component, electron and instrument appearance, machining, machinery is made, the mould is made, of the industry such as shipping, war industry, spaceflight, metallurgy and numerous enterprise build, extend, ability changes a project to be opposite demand of pattern of machine tool, industry and equipment of relevant form a complete set is driving, having wide market perspective; The sale market that the North Jiangsu market of the Nanjing market with swift and violent development, Su Na market with more mature development, burgeoning development and market of Anhui of Nanjing place radiant already made a machine tool be versed in die manufacturer is valued most. "Pattern of industry of the 6th machine tool is exhibited " hold in Nanjing will give ginseng exhibit business to bring rich and generous redound.
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